The following resolution was unanimously passed at the congregational meeting of the Montreal Sikh Sangat which met at Lachine Guruwara, Que. premises on Sunday, August 4, 1985.

The text of the so called “Pact” conducted between Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Mr. H. S. Longowal on July 24, 1985 was read before the Sangat (Gathering) and comments received.

The gathering noted that Mr. H. S. Longowal has seriously compromised his creditbility by committing sacrilege of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib by breaking his oath which he took at the Akal Takhat and therefore does not represent the community at all hence it was recognized that the pact in question is an understanding between an individual (Mr. Longowal) and a small band of his followers and Mr. Prime Minister who does not have a mandate which he should seek by means of referendum. Under these circumstances the gathering feels that the agreement has been concluded in bad faith and will not be implemented.


Therefore it is resolved that the Sikh Sangat of Montreal condemns and rejects the pact as it violates sentiments of entire Sikh Nation and is designed to cover up the atrocities committed against innocent people and murder of innocent Sikh women and children in India and because it is designed to cover up the desecration of the holiest of Sikh Shrines The Golden Temple.

It is further resolved that the copies of this resolution be forwarded to amongst others, S.G.P.C., Akal Takhat Sahib, political representatives and the press.


D.S. Aujla


Article extracted from this publication >>  August 30, 1985