EVER since independence majority community in India has been systematically weakening the minorities economically, politically and socially. Life at present for minorities in India is no better than slavery.

Minorities, particularly religious minorities, have realized this and have come to the conclusion that the only way out of slavery is to join hands against the majority community’s calculated persecution of the minorities. It has been rightly said “If you put together enough minorities, you have majority”. Strength of minorities will come from joint action. Events of last few months in India clearly point to a joint action by the minorities at different places and levels.

First of all Sikhs in Punjab have made it very clear that they will not settle for anything less than Khalistan. Khalistan Zindabad slogans were heard all over the world on Jan. 26 from Golden Temple Complex. Baba Joginder Singh Ji and General Arur Singh of Khalistan Commando Forces requested all the Sikhs to boycott Jan. 26, the Republic Day celebrations. When the “Republic” does not take care of our interests, what is there to celebrate, Prof. Darshan Singh Khalsa’s appointment as the Acting Jathedar of Akal Takht has been welcomed by every Sikh in the world! On his request, even Badal group has postponed February 10th meeting, in order to launch a joint action, Prof. Darshan Singh has asked every Sikh to visit Golden Temple at least once a month which will give them a chance to see what is happening. Sikh Student Federation single handedly has been fighting the army and C.R.P.F. so very successfully that even Rebiero had to admit that they cannot be suppressed. Every Sikh with a conscience knows that the only way out of this mess is to have independent Sikh State (Khalistan). In Delhi and other places they have formed a strong coalition with the minorities. Their collective strength will be reflected in the events to come.

True sons of Kashmir have rejected the current accord with Rajiv. They have clearly said that Kashmir will never accept Indian tyranny. Sardar Sikander Hayab Khan, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir has said all nations of the world had accepted in various forums Kashmir’s right to self-determination and they have great expectations from the international forums. In coming months, Sheikh Abdulla’s son, who has signed the accord with Rajiv, will be isolated from the general public and will not have any standing with Kashmiris. His condition will be no different from Barnala. True Kashmiri leadership is emerging and will go all the way to create independent Kashmir, a friendly neighbor for Khalistan.

After suffering 40 years of oppression in all walks of life, Muslim leadership in India has finally taken a strong stand. Syed Shahabuddin, a leader of Muslims in India and also a leader of Janata Party requested all the Muslims in India to boycott Republic Day celebrations. Mr. Shahabuddin has to be congratulated for taking the lead and following his own conscience rather than trying to please the majority community. When Babri Mosque in Ayodhya was converted to a Hindu temple through a so called judicial process, it made every Muslim realize that they cannot get justice from Indian courts. Only way out is to stand up and speak for their rights. They have done that in Gujarat. In spite of army suppression, they have fought well. In Banglore, when a Hindu newspaper insulted their prophet, they did not take it lying down. Similarly at many other places they are standing up. Sikh-Muslim Bahi Bhai slogans are increasingly heard in the streets of New Delhi. It is clear minorities will go hand in hand to fight injustice together.


In the State of Bihar a group of weavers fought with the police to fight injustice. Three persons including a Superintendent of Police were killed. Weavers have traditionally been considered as docile. Even they have demonstrated that they will not submit to suppression.

In Goa, an eighteen month old agitation to make Konkani a state language has exploded into a mass movement. Fourteen companies of C.R.P.F. had to be brought in from Gujarat to control the masses. It is very clear that the situation in Goa is taking the same course as happened in Punjab. Hindu minority in North Goa wants to dominate the Christian majority with the help of Central government. The birth right of Konkani speaking people to adopt their mother tongue is being denied to them. More than nine hundred thousand Goans speak Konkani but Marathi is being forced on them in the schools, A careful analysis makes it clear that Christians in Goa are

“being deprived of their fundamental right exactly in the same manner as was done in Punjab. Next phase will see army and C.R.P.F. occupy Goa and attack Christians to convert them back to Hinduism. I recently met a Christian friend from Goa who went to see his family but could not go home for two days because of police oppression. Christian brothers will do well to join hands with other minorities to preserve their identity.

Gorkha National Liberation Front has also launched an agitation for a separate Gorkhaland. Rajiv is trying to make a deal with a few Gorkha leaders the way he did in Punjab and Kashmir. This type of manipulation will not work very long, only a few days back, B.S.F. and Gorkha National Liberation Front exchanged fire. Mr. Gheising has already warned the Central government that if their problem is not solved they will start an agitation. Gorkhas are brave people. They know what is good for them. To stay with India is slavery. To end slavery they need independent home country.

In Assam, Muslims are being burnt alive to push them into Bangladesh. The injured among them, who went to the hospitals, were blinded there so that they could not identify the culprits. “This cannot go on very long. Muslims all over India are aware of these facts and will have to unite to fight this oppression collectively”.

In the south non Hindi speaking states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have already made it clear that they will not accept Hindi as national language. Even the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Ram Krishan has opposed forcing of Hindi on the unwilling South.

Dalits have shown their concern in Gujarat and other states. In fact, some Dalit leaders have asked their people to follow the path shown by Sikhs in Punjab.

Once a history professor in U.S. said that the greatest weapon of minorities in U.S. is “the conscience of the majority”. This is true in U.S. but not in India. Problem is that the majority community in India has no conscience and has adopted a policy of finishing the minorities. Under the circumstances the only way left for the minorities is to collectively stand up and do whatever is necessary to save themselves. As Guru Gobind Singh Ji has said, “When everything fails, only alternative is to pick up the sword as a last resort”. The current political structure in India will not last very long. The only worthwhile solution to the minority problem in India lies in each minority having its own independent homeland and lives as good neighbors. Perhaps some areas) of cooperation can be identified also.

Let the minorities join hands, for therein lies their salvation.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 13, 1987