An excellent opportunity for 125 young Sikh women and men from all over the world.

International! Institute of Gurmat Studies, Inc.

 Is pleased to announce its 23rd SIKH INTERNATIONAL YQUTH GAMP USA from Monday, Aug. 24 to Sept. 4, 1987, at Toro Regione! Park, Salinas, California.

This Camp

Through this sixth camp in the US, IIGS plans to reach out to another 125 young Sikh girls and boy send provide them an opportunity to learn how to live according to the teachings of the Gurus.

Sikh Fundamentals

Beginning with an expose on the fundamental tenets of the faith, the camp curriculum will cover the history of the Sikh religion, an acquaintance with the scriptures end the socio-cultural aspect of the Sikh way of life.


Besides, the camp will provide avenues for the young Sikhs to learn Gurdware etiquettes, develop group consciousness, self-discipline, leadership Qualities and the art of public speaking.

Practica! Workshops will include classes in ‘Shabad Kirtan’, Gurmukhi, and Turban-tying.

Fun and Games

There will be lessons in horseback riding and Karate, morning walk-and-run sessions, outdoor

Games, trekking, 8 picnic, and a campfire to add to the enjoyment of the camp experience. Plus excellent food from Guru Ka Langer!

Camp Accommodation

Situated in the Monterey County, about 100 miles short of San Francisco, off Freeway 101, the

camp site affords 8 wealth of outdoor recreation. A small lake amidst undulating hills dotted with sycamores, Oaks and eucalyptus, and extensive nature trails provide 8 serene atmosphere. The camp is equipped with basic amenities and medical care.

Trained Counselors

Trained lady and gentlemen counselors will look to the needs and comfort of the campers.

Camp Memento

On the last day of the camp, each camper will be presented with an attractive personal camp

Memento send a certificate of participation. CAMP FEES: US $185.00 per child. It includes board, lodging and tuition. Transportation charges extra, here applicable. All Checks must be made: Payable to the IGS Camp Account.


Those of the young Sikh girls and boys who are desirous of learning the Sikh way of life and are between the age of 10 to 20 sari welcome to join. Lack of knowledge of Gurbani or Gurmukhi is no restriction.


The number of seats being limited to 125, applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis. The camp management reserves the right to reject any application without assigning send reason. Selected applicants will be sent complete joining instructions by July 10, 1987. In case of an application not gaining acceptance, the camp fee will be refunded in full.


 The camp registration form duly completed along with a check for the full amount end a recent photo of the applicant must reach the Gamp Director’s office by June 30, 1987.

For any questions, please call

(213) 690-0117 anytime or (714) 779-1227 (day)

All cash payments must be sent by registered post.



Article extracted from this publication >>  August 14, 1987