WINDSOR, Ont., Canada Misunderstandings about Sikhism in the media and among other organizations is a continuous problem for the Sikh people.

Especially significant is the misinformation expressed in the national media, stated Dr. R.S. Sandhu, speaker at a weekend program in Windsor.

The need to see Sikhism as more than a reform movement in religious, and socioeconomic terms is something that Sikhs must seek to explain to non-Sikhs, he said. The Sikhs are not critical of other faiths.

Dr. J.W. Spellman of the Institute of Asian Cultures, University of Windsor, pointed out that the Sikh community in Canada represents the largest single group from any distinct area of India. Sikhs have been in Canada since the late 1890s.

Representation of opposition parties included two federal members. Dr. Howard McCurdy, external affairs human rights critic for the NDP, and Liberal House Leader, Hon. Herb Gray, spoke in support of the Sikh community, Representative from Progressive Conservative Party was conspicuously absent.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 29, 1988