Islamabad, Pakistan — India has massed an estimated five military divisions near its tense border with Pakistan, official Pakistani sources said Wednesday.

 The sources, who requested anonymity, said the concentration near Suratgarh, some 44 miles from the Pakistan border, occurred “‘without apparent justification.”

They said India did not follow the terms of an understanding between the two governments to give notice about the movement. India and Pakistan normally exchange information about changes in troop deployments near their border.

The Indian government also moved several divi forward in the sions northern state of Punjab last May, the sources said.

Pakistan has conveyed its ‘‘concern’’ to the Indian government through the army channels, the sources said.

Pakistan and India have fought three wars since 1947 and relations between the two have suffered setbacks during the past two years.

Pakistan has about three fourths of its forces concentrated along the border with India despite tension on its western border with Afghanistan.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 15, 1985