NEW DELHI, India: The extension of Director General of Punjab Police, J.F. Ribeiro is to be recommended by the Maharashtra government and not by the Punjab government. Mr. Ribeiro who is on deputation with the Punjab government is due to retire this month. Mr. Ribeiro belongs to the Maharashtra Cadre. In the case of I.A.S. and IP.S. Officers in other States the extension in the term is recommended by the parent candre to the Union Home Ministry. It is the Union Home Ministry which takes the final decision.

Mr. Ribeiro’s tenure in Punjab is not a term appointment. Once Mr. Ribeiro is given extension in the LP.S., he continues to be the Director General of Punjab Police. The Punjab government can only recommend to the Union Home Ministry to recall Mr. Ribeiro in case State does not need his services. As such the Punjab government recommending the extension is not the issue and the State has no power to grant or deny the extension to Mr. Ribeiro. According to sources it would not be a case of reemployment but extension in the LP.S.

In the case of former Cabinet Secretary, S.S. Grewal, the extension was granted on the recommendation by the Punjab government by the Union Ministry. He was on deputation with the Centre. The Centre is keen on Ribeiro not to retire and keep him in this troubled State. All the sources say Ribeiro has informed the Centre that he will continue if given full power to transfer officers. At present it is decided by the Chief Ministry and the Home Minister.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 15, 1987