1. S. Sodhi

He: I know you do not love me

She: But you are my source of being!

He: You might as well admit what your eyes betray

She: I have always defined myself through you!

He: Why do you always cover up?

She: Why do you have such a suspicious mind?

He: I know the reason of our loveless love

She: ‘Love and Reason’ did you say that!

He: Can I reason with you so that we could love?

She: There is nothing to reason about!

He: I would let you look at my inner reality.

She: Yours and mine will never match!

He: I am not what you see

She: That is why I was taken in!

He: Is there a way out of this punishment

She: Can’t you learn to live in sadism!

He: Will there be a light at the end of this tunnel

She: Have you ever looked within?

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 13, 1985