Dear Editor:

 Remind you, the Sikh problem Hindustan is facing today is not due to overnight phenomena or of Mrs. Gandhi’s regime only. Had the Hindu majority been honest in their dealings with the Sikhs and stood by the pre-independence promises, today there would have been no bloodshed and suffering. Injustice against Sikhs exists in every walk of life in Hindustan. No one wants to spill blood of innocent people. To fight against Communal injustice is exactly what the great martyr Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa preached and the corrupt Hindu government could not tolerate. Now the Communal majority is never to be trusted. Sikhs calling for Hindu Sikh unity and brotherhood are only handful Hindu spoons.

 KHALISTAN is a reality now; it is in the best interest of the Indian government to immediately start talks regarding troop withdrawal from the territory of Khalistan and avoid further bloodshed. The major concern for the Hindustan government should be the steps that it could take to live in peace with its neighbors, Khalistan. How the Sikhs are to be transferred from the Hindu Armed Forces to Khalistan Armed Forces with appropriate percentage of armaments. Sikhs should assure Hindustan that Hindus remaining in Khalistan will be protected and in return receive firm assurances for the protection of Sikhs remaining in Hindustan, We should make it clear, that Khalistan Armed Forces shall have a moral obligation to protect Sikhs all over Hindustan and shall take firm action if Sikh lives are jeopardized.

These are just few of the immediate details to be sorted out. Prolonging the withdrawal of troops will only create a bitter Khalistan to reckon with.

Yours Sincerely,

Ranbir Singh Sekhon


Article extracted from this publication >>DECEMBER-28-1984