Dear Sir,

The opposition leaders are out force pretending to be Sikh sympathizers and are busy accusing Congress (I) as being solely responsible for the massacre of Sikhs and the destruction of our priceless heritage at the Golden Temple. Some Hindu journalists are also echoing the same theme.

These sly moves by the Hindu majority are meant to divert the attention of Sikhs from the real issues and _ serve their selfish political goals. Why did these opposition leaders and journalists not speak up for the Sikh concerns and help to avoid the tragedy in the first place? But, Hindu in full why should they part from their Hindu kin to join hands with the Sikhs for justice? Deep down in their hearts they were glad that the Sikhs are getting a taste of Hindu power. No soothing overtures should fool us, even reputable Hindu leaders like Nehru and Gandhi found it convenient to discard the pro-independence promises given to the Sikhs. No assurances can undo the damages inflicted upon us. To fall for the bait of these politicians would only confirm the belief that, ‘‘History repeats itself,’’ sadly each time in greater proportions. Hindu Sikh conflict is very real and shall not vanish with mere rhetoric.

The hard cold facts cannot be ignored. Congress (I) in power or opposition in power, safe and secure place for Sikhs in union with Hindustan is a _ shattered dream. SORRY, we cannot afford another mistake and subject our next generation for a bigger holocaust. For ever Good bye Hindustan.

 Yours sincerely,

Balvinder S. Sohi

Dear Editor:

The Sikhs in Phoenix wish to congratulate you for starting a newspaper representing a collective voice of Sikhs.

I am enclosing our picture, a group of Sikhs in Phoenix who demonstrated in a very peaceful and organized manner on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. (12685) we wanted the Americans and Indians gathered there to know that not everybody is independent in India today. The basic human rights of the Sikhs have been crushed with the full support of the Hindu majority.


Yours sincerely,

Karanjit S. Kooner M.D.





Article extracted from this publication >> March 1, 1985