Dear Editor:

These two manmade and closely related evils accounts for more destruction of innocent human lives and enormous properties in the world today than perhaps any other malady, and Pose a grave threat to global peace,

Cosmic law of “cause and effect” plays a vital role in this and unless this eternal phenomenon is fully appreciated by the UNO and other freedom loving countries and their governments, terrorism shall keep escalating.

Terrorism in the first place is initiated by the tyrant rulers who let loose “State Terrorism” by using ruthless brutal force on their dissenters, deceitfully calling them antinational, in their futile bid to silent them. Due to constant heavy Pressure, are left with no choice except to resort to confrontation and eventually become deadly opponents of these arrogant rulers who are totally opposed to reason. This leads to counter violence and a vicious circle sets in. This overwhelmingly suppressed lot by state terrorism fully understands that their survival is a foregone conclusion because their cries for help are so tightly sealed from reaching the civilized world.

‘There are nearly fifty countries outside the Communist Block which got independence in the post war decolonizing process where political power fell into unscrupulous hands and these countries are the fountains of violence and terrorism.

Most notorious abusers of human rights are South Africa for Blacks, Israel for Palestinians, Afghanistan for Afghans, India’ for Sikhs, Sri Lanka for Tamils and Nicaraguans. Strangely enough In the most notorious abuser of human rights has been on the U.N. Human Rights Commission for a long time. If India disputes this let it allows neutral agencies into Punjab to find out the truth.

Curiously enough the founder nations of “democracy” claiming to be the custodians of Human Rights are vehemently refusing to recognize this position, may be due to ignorance or lack of interest in the oppressed mankind or may be due to commercial or other benefits in the defaulting countries,

If commercial or other benefits bar them from coming to the rescue of human rights victims, I would not stop short of calling them moral lepors. An attitude being deplorable, in fact absorbable.

Dalip Singh

 Ottawa Human Rights

 Activist — Ontario, Canada

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest the piece by Sukhbir Singh “Meat Eating and the Sikhs”. I have had some experiences with some of the vegetarian cults he mentioned. Some of them even cite as one of the Kurehats, the eating of meat, as ‘opposed to eating Halal meat. This does not seem to be possible considering that the other 3 items are strictly prohibited, yet during war even the Guru took meat. We can’t imagine Guru Gobind Singh allowing his Sikhs to cut hair if necessary during war. However, eating meat was a necessity for the Sikhs at times. Just by logical reasoning, we can see that the complete prohibition of meat as a Kurehat is incorrect.

As Sukhbir Singh says, some vegetarians claim that they are better humans, and have a holies that thou attitude. This may be so, but I hope that we are not creating an atmosphere of holies than thou meat eaters who feel that they are better Sikhs than the vegetarian Sikhs, Meat eating and vegetarianism should be put in the proper perspectives. Neither by itself is important. Eating meat does not make one a better Sikh, and vegetarianism does not make one a bean eating Hindu. Not wishing to disappoint our Punjabi friends, we still I must remind you that compared to Americans, you are all be an eaters. There is no Punjabi meal that consists mostly of meat as do American style meals, If we go by the promise that we will have a courageous character, and strong physique, by eating meat, then Americans are far better than meat eating Punjabis. I don’t see any connection between meat eating and bravery, as I see none between vegetarianism and cowardliness. As far as meat eating is concerned, it has no great value unless one can kill his own meat. This will make one a better warrior, and this is what we need now. Unless you have the opportunity to kill, your meat eating for bravery will go in vain. I have personally killed with a gun, and it is not easy for me, despite years of meat .eating. You see the animal full of fear in its eyes, then the blood and organs, it is not as easy as opening a nicely wrapped plastic package from your local grocer. Even harder is to kill with the bare hands. My husband has had this experience and he recommends you all to try this if you are to go to fight for Sikh honor. The animal has immense strength due to its desire to live and it bites and struggles. You will be surprised to, seeing how hard it is to make someone dead. Imagine how much more difficult it is to kill a human during war time,

On the other hand, Guru Granth Sahib warns us repeatedly not to cause unnecessary pain to any living entity. There is no contradiction. A Sikh is a saint soldier. As a saint, he considers the effect of any action. A Sikh should not eat meat simply for the taste, and also should not reject it for superstitious reasons. For the preservation of human dignity, what to speak of animals, even humans in the form of oppressors must be killed.

I can assure the reader that no Sikh meat eater or vegetarian need be ashamed. God does not see our actions, but the intentions behind them. A vegetarian Sikh is not a Hindu stricken person. The Sikh Gurus never campaigned against vegetarianism. However, they firmly condemned caste consciousness, dowry, discrimination, and inequality. Any Sikh that practices these is indeed Hindu controlled. Forget the pros and cons of meat eating. Search your souls and see if you Jat Sikhs would consider giving your daughter to an untouchable Sikh? That there shouldn’t even be terms like Jat, Ramgarhia, Mazabhi, etc., as these are embarrassing reminders of our real downfall into Hinduism. Marriage of Jat Sikhs to non Jats is rare. Is it because they are afraid of diluting their racial strain? Check the matrimonial ads to see if we are free from this greatest of Hindu evils. Just see how we cling to the Hindu practice of dowry. How many Sikhs, meat eating or vegetarian can say that they refused to accept dowry?

Let us address these issues in our quest for purification of the Sikh Panth.

Satnam Kaur Khalsa Chicago, II.


Dear Editor: It may be a matter of great exhilaration for Governor Ray and the Government that the recent Golden Temple siege has been successful in tiring out the so called militants to surrender; but it has also, at the same time, proved beyond a shadow ‘of doubt that Operation Blue Star was 4 purposefully mischievous endeavor. The future historians will remember that the Government had more than one “alternative”, at her disposal, if clearing up of the militants was the only objective, as has been claimed by many experts, including Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora. But the Government seemingly, in pursuit of her ulterior motives, through well-rehearsed but ill-advised plans, underestimated the dire consequences of launching a full-fledged military attack on the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, and dragged the nation in to a chaotic mess. Now the tragedy is that, being void of courage of conviction, the more the Government tries to retrieve through dubious means the more she sinks into the swampland.

Narendra S. Chopra Aurora, Co.

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