Canadian External Affair Minister Joe Clark’s appeal to the Sikhs to drop the demand for “Khalistan” is simply diplomatic, motivated to maintain amicable Relationship with India, which, of Course, is appreciable and under stands able. But it neither does not can affect the Sikh movement at home or abroad, much less in a democratic country like Canada so long as it is nonviolent in nature and does not disturb the peace of the country.

Hon’ble Joe Clark and everybody else need, however, be made to understand very clearly that demand for separate statehood by the Sikhs is neither spontaneous nor whimsical. If Sikhs were ever fanciful of having independent homeland of their own, they could well have it in 1947, when it ‘was offered almost on a platter, first by the British and then by late M.A. Jinnah, the Quaid e Azam of ‘Pakistan. But the Sikhs, instead, probably mistakenly, preferred to cast their lot with India, as they were fooled by the lofty promises made by the founding fathers of the nation, which have since been betrayed.

The demand for Khalistan was seriously annunciated only when injustice by the ruling fundamentalists crossed all endurable limits —when infamous Operation Blue Star was launched desecrating Sikhs’ holiest shrine, the Golden Temple, killing 20,000 Sikhs in Amritsar, Delhi and all over the country in 1984. If the grievances had been honorably redressed, secularism restored, discrimination removed and the loss incurred reasonably compensated, without any preconditions; not to speak of the redemption of the outstanding promises, the Khalistan demand may not have assumed the present character. But, for this to happen, the country need to produce a large hearted, courageous and an honest statesman as a leader, for whom the welfare of the country should be above personal petty gains, which, unfortunately, does not appear to happen in near future. However, one is at liberty to suggest whatever one feels like and for whatever motive in mind; but to be effective, one need to study the roots of the case dispassionately, rather than be merely content with whatever has been tutored by the concerned party, for it is no secret that to advise is the easiest thing to do and Is 4 common “past time” with hypocritical politicians. In fact humiliation and sufferings sustained by the Sikhs, at the hands of crafty chauvinistic Hindu regime, over a period of time have reached such an acute height that anybody suggesting less than sovereign statehood for Sikhs, as a solution, is suspected of his sincerity, impartiality, knowledge and wisdom. So, if anyone tries to impose his personal views by using one’s office, he is looking for confrontation with the hurt community, wherever it may be. Before anyone, especially foreigners, should try to comment against the mandate of the Sikhs, he or she would be well advised to discuss with WSO to learn about nature and history of the problem, with an open mind. Otherwise, wasteful efforts only create unnecessary misgivings and bad blood, not conducive to healthy growth of a country’s wellbeing. Narendra Singh Aurora, Co.

Dear Editor:

Until or unless, we Sikhs don’t get together, like the Jews, under one flag, we cannot accomplish anything. Sikhs can make North American Sikh Council, Sikh: Association of America, W.S.O. Akali Dal, United Akali Dal, Sikh Human Rights Association, etc., all these organization’s mean nothing if everybody is a leader. I like to ask all the Sikhs who are reading this that the very first principle Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught was to be humble and honest. Are we doing that? I don’t think so. I have travelled a lot in this country and abroad, wherever I meet a Sikh gentleman or a Sikh lady, their first question, usually is where you from are? Are you from Delhi or Punjab? Are you a Jat or are you a Bhapa? They will like to marry their children only in Jat family or Bhapa family. These immigrants can marry the… Spanish, Black, White, etc. but they cannot marry their own. I am surprised as well as shocked to note these double standards forget about being humble. When a Sikh sees another Sikh, he seldom greets the other with Sat Siri Akal.

I think that is one of the reasons we are getting beaten from all four sides. We say why doesn’t Guru come and help us. I would like to ask what we have done for the Guru in the last 30 years. We cannot even sit together and talk nicely. We want to achieve the biggest goal of our life and that is to create a Sikh Nation “Khalistan”.

Therefore, I would humbly request all the Sikhs to leave ego aside and love each other. As we are not like Hindus who believe in the class and caste system.

Jaswant Singh Bawa Largo, Md.

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Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1988