Dear Editor:

Dr. Devinder Singh Chahal a noted Microbiologist has been denied visa along with many others is Suggestive of the fact that government of India is bent upon using all measures to quieten down all those who dare to express themselves against the oppression which has been let loose on the minorities of India to maintain a dynastic rule.

It is a very serious challenge and should be counterchecked effectively. The following suggestions are made:

  1. A list of all those who have been denied visa by the government of India from North America be compiled and reasons for denying the visa sought.
  2. So as to bring this sad state of affairs to the knowledge of the North American public, the gurdwaras in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and San Francisco, Washington, D.C. be asked to demonstrate in large numbers in front of the Indian High Commissioner’s office as well as before the ministry of External Affairs. c. Also, chain hunger strikes in front of these offices can get the media attention.


I must say that just sending a telex to Joe Clark is not going to do the trick. Can we expect some action from Sikh organizations in Canada, U.S.A. Especially those who are in Ottawa and Washington, D.C.

Also, we know that Rajni Kothari is coming to Canada in the fall of 87. a parallel conference should be planned in Vancouver, B.C. for the direction of commonwealth conference exposing the role the government of India is playing in finishing the minorities in the so called “secular” India.

It is time the W.S.O. and gurdwara committees of N. America Started playing an active rather than a reflective role.


A Liberated Sikh

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987