Dear Editor:

Sikh News is rendering a great service to the Sikh nation through its columns which cannot be described in words as it now caters not only to intellectuals but to for the layperson. We, in Australia, highly appreciate and commend the approach of the paper which is purely based on Sikh principles. I have no words to express my inner feelings and gratitude to your editorial staff for bringing out such a publication with dedication and purity of Sikh thoughts God Bless You! Your contribution in building Sikh nation is infinite and priceless at this crucial moment of Sikh history and we, all Australians, are proud of your publication. In particular, I must single out your editorials which are educating the Sikhs all over the world only in politics but also in Sikh religious concepts that are so vital to the Editor to our Sikh youth today.

In conclusion, we, in Australia, congratulate you all deeply and sincerely for the major contribution your paper is making. It stands out like a sublime light. Analyzing the contribution of the paper you have shown light to the Sikh nation.

Udham Singh Singhota Kings Langley, Australia

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 13, 1987