Dear Editor:

We were very upset by the news in The Los Ace Ties dated January 17, 1987, where Indian government arranged a mock hijacking, in which four Sikhs were posed as hijackers. This malicious act of Indian government was another attempt to hurt the Sikh image and incite the public against this noble community.

Similar defamatory propaganda against Sikhs by the Indian government led to an attack on the holiest of the holy Golden Temple in June 1984, another holocaust was led by the Indian government where 10,000 Sikhs including young children were massacred. The culprits were neither tried in the court of justice nor punished, rather were given cabinet positions in the Gandhi government, Such State sponsored terrorism has surpassed bloodiest of the chapters in the history of the mankind.

The Indian government still continues to kill the Sikh youth in false encounters. There is a complete news blackout for the free press from abroad. In fact, one Canadian reporter was put behind bars for telling the truth. Only such news as serves the interest of Indian government is released to foreign press relating to the Sikh community.

This so called “democratic” India is led by, some fascists who are masterminding state terrorism to hurt Sikh minority.

As American Sikhs, we condemn the mock hijacking as “drills” to defame and incite public against a hardworking and productive Sikh community. We hope that some conscientious and peace-loving citizens and leaders will get involved to help stop further playing with human lives, Have we not learned from Hitler? Harbans Singh, Ph.D. Harmohinder Singh, M.D. Jasbir Singh, M.D.

Darshan Singh, P.E. Parvinder Singh, M.D.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 6, 1987