Dear Editor:


The article “Stop Hinduization of Sikh Institutions” by S. Sukhbir Singh in the April 29 and May 6 issue of W.S.N. was excellent. I appreciate the effort made by the author and W.S.N.

In the article when I was reading “Jamna Parsad Ji tusin vi kujh gao (Mr. Jamna Parsad, please, you also sing something”. I recalled an incident I witnessed during my out of town visit to a Gurdwara sahib. In that a Hindu premi of Gurbani recited a shabad in the time between the Ardas and the Hukamnama. This type of interruption I had not seen in any Gurdwara. Granthi Singh had to wait more than 10 minutes before reading the hukamnama.

Our learned Sikhs need to print a small book on such issues which should be mailed to each Gurdwara Sahib. An atmosphere of Gurmaryada in our Gurdwaras will encourage Sikh sangat to unite under one Kesri flag and thus serve our Khalsa Panth with dedication. Guru Nanak said “Truth is higher, but still higher is truthful living”. During langar, we all sit together and eat. A concept of “equality and unity”. Unless we, the Sikhs, practice this concept of “Equality and Unity”, the Guru da langar would merely be a lunch with a ritualistic jap: “Bolo Satnam, Satnam, Satnam Ji; Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru Ji”

 Amolak Singh

New Orleans, Louisian

Dear Editor:

We are very happy that World Sikh News is making a success and more and more Sikhs are endorsing it in big cities. At this moment when the Sikh nation is passing through a very critical period, a good quality paper is a must to express the Sikhs’ point of view.

Surinder S. Chauhan Cleveland, Oh.

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