Dear Editor,

Sikh Pride is Hurt

November 14, 1984 was the worst week since the partition of India and in the history of Independence of India. This was the first time when Sikh pride was hurt, This week was the second week of the series relating to the GENOCIDE OF SIKHS.

Sikhs have played a great role in the Independence of India, but have received in return nothing but a bad beating twice in 5 months (June and November 1984). These two weeks will always haunt Sikh people. These two weeks will go in the history of India as “BLACK WEEKS”.

In India politics and religion go hand in hand. But that is not the case in most westernized countries. Therefore one should not criticize any religion in India without knowing what other religions are doing. A valid comparison is in-between religions within India. One cannot compare Indian religions to western Religions.

The western countries should not be fooled by negative propaganda against the Sikhs. According to the reports, Govt of India was looking for 40 criminals. They thought were in the Gurudwaras (half of them were never found, according to report released after June 1984 Army Assault). What kind of intelligence report was that? It is beyond our comprehension why govt. didn’t consider the alternative of starving the alleged ‘criminal’ out? Then after 5 months ALLEGEDLY two of Mrs. Gandhi’s bodyguards killed her and entire Sikh community was held hostage for 92 hours (4 full days) and police and troops did nothing to stop the inhuman barbarities against the Sikhs.

Do we call this a Democracy? You are killed without a trial, let alone a fair trial. How can the surviving folks forget?

Let us think how can Proud Sikhs who made 80% of the sacrifices and one time constituted nearly 45% of Indian Army, sit quietly? who lost their loved ones and whose daughters, sisters, mothers and wives were gang raped in the streets. It has been one full year (12 months/365 days on Oct. 31, 1985) and not a single criminal person has been punished. Think, think, what is going on? Is this democracy? How would one feel? In India only the principle of MIGHT IS RIGHT operates.

I feel ashamed to call myself “Indian America that is why I call myself a “Sikh American” from June 1984. I feel proud to be an American Citizen. A citizen of a great country on earth.

Rajiv Gandhi says that social discrimination is going on in South Africa (Apartheid) even in 20th Century. One should ask him what did happen in India in June and November of 1984? Why has he not punished any one so far?

All guilty must be brought to justice regardless of their religion or political association if lost faith of the Sikhs is to restored.


 S.S. Khalsa

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 8, 1985