Dear Editor,

Mr. Buttar in his response to Shri Ved Mehta’s characterization of Sant Bhindranwale as a great exponent of Khalistan, has overreacted and seems to have misinterpreted the latters’ analysis of Sikh situation in India. Mr. Mehta in his letter to New Yorker has made many acute observations about Sikhs and their polity. For example, Mr. Mehta draws our attention to the fact that Sikhs failed to put up a united front in 1947 for gaining a sovereign status. At least ten percent of the

Sikhs considered Hindus as their elder brothers. Influence of Hindu ideology is so strong on Sikh mind that its expression is manifested in every facet of their life. Moderate Sikh politics is a product of Hindu Control and conditioning.

Sant Bhindranwale reminded Sikhs more than once (it can be heard on his taped messages) that they are slaves of Hindus and are second class citizens of Bharat Desh. Opposite word for slavery is freedom. How can a slave enjoy his freedom unless he gets rid of his master? Khalistan is another word for freedom, honor, dignity, and wellbeing.

Hindu Government of India gives a hoot or damn, what Mr. Buttar claims, the heroic contribution of the Sikhs for India’s economic and political freedom. It is time for us to realize that Sikhs no longer need to convince Hindus about their worth and neither should they feel shy about their struggle for independence.


Yours Truly,

 Gurdial Singh

 Panth Khalsa Radio

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 25, 1985