Dear Editor:

Out of 22 members present at the Atlanta meeting of PAU alumni, more than 50% were Hindus. As Sikhs, we have nothing against Hindus as such, and some of them are our close associates. But at the same time it is these people who supported the slogan of Hindu, Hindi, and Hindustan by disowning their own mother tongue, Punjabi.

If we look at the present PAU scenario, it is dominated by Hindu staff and Hindu students and the Sikh students are under attack. Soon that place will be like Punjab University, Chandigarh with 90% Hindus, especially in the higher positions. We will be then, at their mercy of nonagricultural people researching and advising a simple, honest and hardworking agricultural community of Punjabi farmers.

The Hindu army attack on Akal Takht, Darbar Sahib, Amritsar and subsequent massacre of 30,000 innocent Sikhs in India and not a single person charged is too deep a wound to be treated by verbal balms. Instead those who arranged and carried out these heinous crimes against humanity were rewarded with ministerial positions. The torture and brutal killings by the Govt. of India, and blamed on the Sikh youth, everyday killing and false police encounters and the present state of affairs in Punjab, perpetrated by the Delhi bosses under the false slogan of false nationalism Alas! Our PAU alumni could have passed a resolution, at least in memory of those who lost their lives at the hands of Hindu fanatics and Hindu mobs. The PAU alumnus is not a political association, but is it not made up of Human beings? Why could not they speak against the violations of Human Rights?

To the Sikhs, what are our priorities? Are we not supposed to add our share of help in The Sikh Nation’s cause? How about becoming members of the W.S.O. or subscribing to the World Sikh News.

Zhujar Singh Ottawa.

Dear Editor:

A copy of the letter sent to the Canadian Prime Minister is enclosed. It may be of some interest to your readers.

Dear Sir; RE: The Minister of External Affairs’ (Hon. Charles Joseph Clark) Advice to Shun Sikh Events the Edmonton Journal 25th Feb., 1988.

I would like to lodge a strong protest against the External Affairs Minister’s advice in December 1987, to the provincial premiers, their cabinet colleagues, and members of their legislatures, to avoid activities sponsored by three Canadian Sikh groups (i.e. the World Sikh Organization, Sikh Youth Federation and Babar Khalsa).

Mr. Clark’s remarks regarding Canadian Sikhs are highly objectionable, disturbing, and deplorable and even insulting to the entire Sikh community of Canada. It is requested, Sir, that you ask Mr. Clark to give a public apology to the Canadian Sikhs.

 May I point out, Sir, that it was our External Affairs Minister who did not seek input from the Canadian, Sikh Organizations before he signed the, extradition treaty with the unethical and morally bankrupt regime of the so called largest democracy (a regime which has mortgaged the future of present and future generations of peace loving people of India at the hands of their Russian Masters) of the world, which is responsible for the merciless killings of more than 50,000 Sikh men, women and innocent children during June 1984 in Punjab, and more than 30,000 Sikhs in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India in November 1984.

 Mr. Clark’s department has not, as I believe, raised the matter of Mr. Daljit Singh’s (a resident of Toronto) extradition to Canada from India.

I do not think that Canadians have forgotten the deception of Indian government when it exploded a nuclear device in mid 1970, a knowhow acquired with Canadian aid.

Awatar S. Sekhon, Ph.D., CLD, F.LB.A.

Edmonton, Alberta.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 1, 1988