Dear Editor,

I find it very disturbing to read the unnecessary and inherently damaging controversy of Amritdhari and non Amritdhari Sikhs in the columns of World Sikh News.

We have other important issues to deal with. Sikhs are rotting in Indian jails. Rulers of India consider Sikhs a stumbling block in their design to convert the country into a theocratic state practicing and promoting the religion of the majority community. They are hell-bent upon destroying us while we continue our internal bickering.

Amritdharis should stop acting high and mighty while non Amrit Dharis should stop defending their weakness. No Sikh can deny that the ultimate goal of a Sikh should be to become a Khalsa. Every nonAmritdhari Sikh is a potential AmritDhari or Khalsa. Amrit Dharis need to develop the same attitude towards non Amritdhari Sikhs as Guru Gobind Singh had for Bhai Nand Lal and others.

To keep debating the issue is to serve our adversaries. It is time to pool our resources and channel our energies to the stupendous task of liberating our country, Khalistan. The best minds should come together and work out the strategy. We must eschew all irrelevant and digressive de bates. Presently, commitment to freedom and sovereignty should be enough. Let us face the challenge as a united force and ensure our victory, singing “… Nische Kar apni jeet Karon.”



Narinder Kaur Sethi

Middletown. Ohio

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