Dear Editor: Enclosed is copy of the letter written to Mr. Joe Clark, Minister for External Affairs, Canada. It may be of some interest to the readers of the World Sikh News.

Dear Mr. Minister:

Citing that “the activities of these organizations have been a significant irritant in our relations with India” you have asked provincial premiers, their cabinet colleagues and the MLA’s to avoid events and activities sponsored by the World Sikh Organization, the International Sikh Youth Federation and Babbar Khalsa (The Gazette Feb. 25). Your reason for asking them to shun these organizations is based principally on the advocacy by these bodies for “the creation of an independent state (in India) known as Khalistan”. Undoubtedly, one of the founding aims of the World Sikh Organization (WSO) clearly calls for the creation of Khalistan but only through peaceful means. Similarly, one of the avowed aims of Parti Quebecois (PQ) has always been the separation of Quebec from Canada by democratic means. Yet you are not on record for discouraging the same Canadian civic leaders and politicians from keeping at arm’s length from PQ.

Unless you have incontestable proof, independent from what the Indian authorities may allege, of WSO’s proneness to violence, Mr. Minister you will should like being double tongued. Worse, your edict may reek of racism in that what is good for the goos (PQ) is not good for the gander (WSO).

I believe you owe an explanation to the Sikh community.

B.S. Mahal Quebec

Dear Editor:

RE: India & Canada — The Sikhs And Joe Clark

Since the army attack on the Golden Temple in 1984, the Hindu Government of India with all the might of its foreign missions had been trying to by treacherous means to milign the image of the Sikhs. When Joe Clark went to Delhi to attend the funeral of Indira, he was treated lavishly to win his favor and to make him persecute the Sikhs in Canada. They were quite successful. Aided by the Indian High Commission in Canada, the Hindus have treated Joe Clark to many wining and dining parties. The External Affairs of Canada is said to have instructed the Canadian High Commission in India to question, delay and harass Sikhs when they apply for visas. Now Joe Clark’s letters to the Premiers in Canada is prima facie evidence of his hatred towards the Sikhs and love for the Indian goodies, The Global’s reporter was specifically allowed to visit the Golden Temple, when no one else is permitted by the Indian government. All we see and hear from Nirvair Singh on the T.V. as recorded by Global reporter is this: “which means when he was asked about Rayat, he said “We (Sikhs) cannot do anything”. The reporter, however, interpreted it to mean that it meant to blow up the Canadian Embassy. This was a conspiracy on the part of India and Canada governments to muddy the water over Joe Clark’s letter to the Premiers.

Mr. Mangat is fighting nomination is fighting nomination for the liberal seat in Etobicohe riding. Mr. McLaren is also fighting the ame nomination. Mr. McLaren was treated lavishly by Natwar

Singh, a Minister in Indian government when Mr. McLaren was in New Delhi. Now they have popped up Gurcharan Singh against Mr. Mangat so this man who has uttered words against Khalistan will divide the Sikh voters for the benefit of Mr. McLaren.

In India, the government has released some Sikhs (45) from jails and at the same time arranged the mass killing of people of Kari Sari. It has been learnt that the Canadian government is guiding the Indian government but it does not know that the problem in Quebec has no similarity whatsoever with the Punjab situation. The Canadian solutions will not work in Punjab.

Jaswant Singh Ottawa, Ontario.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 18, 1988