Dear Editor:

Recently a member of the Sikh community addressed the congregation in Chicago with the message that everyone should give a $10 to $20 campaign donation to congressmen or Senators who appear to support the Sikh cause. True, that several American legislators like Mr. Shumway have shown concern for the Sikh plight. However, it would seem to me an insult, in effect trying to “buy out” someone, to say “here is $10”, to show our appreciation. If Mr. Shumway were in fact, to be affected by that, what would be the value of his sympathy for the problems of the Sikh people? A person, who feels for the suffering of others because he considers himself to be part of the larger human family, works for the benefit of his brothers and sisters out of Jove. There is no way to buy that love. A person who has love and respect for God, automatically loves all of God’s when innocent humanity 1s oppressed such a person suffers pain. Give campaign contributions if that is what you wish to do with your money. However, I find it unbecoming to address the congregation with pleas for such a cause. At this time it is imperative that all Sikhs contribute directly to the cause of the liberation of Khalistan.

If we can request $10 to $25 from each member of the sangat for campaign donations, and if we were to get it from all the Gurdwaras, that would amount to quite a sum. If it were instead collected to fund the freedom. Fighters, it would be very significant. Don’t think that by convincing a few legislators that there is persecution in Punjab, they will help us to get Khalistan. American foreign policy is not based on humanitarianism, but on pure military strategy, and economic prosperity at any cost. For the security and continued wealth of the American business, the freedom and a wen doing of other people is sacrificed. IFit is not strategically beneficial to the U.S. to help the Sikh people; you can be sure that there will be no help whatsoever. ‘As long as the Indian government has something to offer to the U.S. government, no amount of $10 donations to Shumway will help change U.S. policy. The only way to throw off the burden of oppression in occupied Khalistan is to apply active measures to, defeat the fascist Hindu thugs that rule presently.

Khalsa Ji, rather than waste your money by distributing cold coke on the side of the road, or throwing parties for politicians, help the freedom fighters so that their cries will be of victory only, and not of hope less ness.

Satnam Kaur Khalsa

Sikh Religious Society of the


Mount Horeb, Wi.

Dear Editor:

As I renew my subscription to World Sikh News, I appreciate your efforts to expose the oppression and the atrocities committed against the Sikh people on behalf of the Govt of India. Many of us never expected that there would be plans through the Indian Govt intelligence agencies to humiliate the Sikhs and crush their voices of protest against injustice. Your angry words and expressions represent the feelings of most Sikhs.

But I take exception to your continued practice of using hateful words against Hindus, Brahmins, etc. It does not increase your credibility or make your message more powerful when you resort to using epithets like “crooked Brahmin mind” or “sick Hindu Psyche”. An editor cannot afford to use private jokes and ill-founded myths as public statements. Perhaps you really intend to condemn the thoughts and actions of certain persons Or an organization for an evil plan and your generalization to the religious belief and the ethnic background of the people is unintentional. If you feel that a certain group needs to be condemned for certain actions, this could be done with due respect to the feelings of many others who may come from the same background, for example, the Hindus, Brahmins and others who may be fair minded and may wish us no harm. Although I am not a theological scholar, 1 believes Nanak would not condemn a person on the basis of what faith or caste he belonged to. By the same token, we know of many “Sikh” public figures whose actions have nothing to be proud oft we do not attribute their mentalities to their Sikh ethnic origin.

It would be less embarrassing to us and more effective in conveying your message if your paper would focus the blame on actual culprits, avoid class condemnation and treat innocent or neutral people with respect and fairness.

Gurnam Singh Piedmont, Ca.

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