Dear Editor,

Dr. K. Marwaha’s letter to ‘Citizen’ dated July 25 seeking update on the official verdict on C.P. Air Flight 003 indicates his overwhelming anxiety to hold Sikhs responsible for the blast, which is easily understandable.

The learned Dr. links his wishful philosophy to a name ‘L. SINGH’ whom he describes as a ‘SIKH TERRORIST.’ What makes him think that he is a ‘SIKH’ probably indicates his inner state of mind, deceiving the people in Canada that all the names that have the word ‘SINGH’ with them are those of Sikhs only. There are countless Indian names that end with the word ‘SINGH’ who are not Sikhs. The present governor of Punjab is ARJUN SINGH who is not a Sikh.

It is Dr. Marwaha and others of his type who are fanning communal hatred in Canada and need a closer and stricter watch by the law enforcement authorities on their evil and unlawful activities who are probably working in conjunction with the Indian Intelligence Services in this country as clearly pointed out in an editorial of the ‘Globe & Mail’ dated July 23, 1985.

Pyre Lal Ottawa

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 16, 1985