Dear Editor:

This is just a note of appreciation for all you have done in placing stories about the tragic situation of the Sikh nation in Khalistan and giving the subject so much coverage,

The Council of Khalistan is deeply indebted to you for this. ‘We hope we can cooperate in the future in the same way as we have in the past towards a common goal of liberty for the Sikh nation. Your help by drawing public attention, through your publication, to our cause has been invaluable. Let us continue together on this path.

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh


Council of Khalistan

Washington, D.C.

Dear Editor:


We the following people have noticed on many occasions that World Sikh News prints material which is biased and thus detrimental to the unity of the Sikh panth and the attainment of Khalistan, We urge you to publish both sides of each issue and not a one sided biased newspaper. Space does not allow us to list all of the separate incidents but, two of the most recent examples are the following.

  1. The protest in Washington, D.C., against Rajiv Gandhi was to a large degree organized and conducted by Dr. Manohar S. Grewal. But, your October 23, 1987, issue covering this event failed to give him any credit at all. Instead when he was unable to attend the trial of Sukhminder Singh Sandhu and Ranjit Singh Gill on February 1, 1988, World Sikh News stated “The absence of other Sikh leaders particularly of Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh and Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal was considered unfortunate”. “What can we expect from the leaders who have no time for the real freedom fighters”. The disturbing fact is that World Sikh Organization governing council members and the Director of Administration of the World Sikh Organization plus many other leaders were present at the trial. Thus, there was full representation of the World Sikh Organization leadership. We feel it was wrong of the World Sikh News staff reporter to print information against the President of the World Sikh Organization (USA) with whom they are supposed to work together. Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal was not contacted by the staff reporter to find out why he was unable to attend. We feel that this is not objective journalism on the newspaper’s part. The reason Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal was unable to attend this meeting in New Jersey is that he was busy attending Jectures with Justice Ajit Singh Bains at M.I.T. and Harvard Universities for the human rights issue in Punjab. And atrocities and injustice caused by the Indian government to Sikh youths in India and abroad.
  2. On May 7, 1985, Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh went to New Orleans regarding the arrest of Dr. Birk and four other Sikhs. Dr. Aulakh was put in jail but, we never heard about this in the World Sikh News. What we are trying to say, is that if you are going to criticize a person for his drawbacks then you should also praise him for his achievements, And just because a person is unable to attend one event although they were supporting the same cause let’s not forget all the good they have done for the Sikh panth. Dr. Aulakh not only gave a press release concerning the trial of Sukhminder Singh Sandhu and Ranjit Singh Gill but also contacted the defense attorney, Mr. Ronald Kuby, and offered to become an expert witness in this trial. At the time of the SandhuGill trial in New Jersey, Dr. Aulakh was unable to attend because he was busy putting political pressure on in Washington, D.C., so that Sukhminder Singh and Ranjit Singh could avoid extradition charges on the grounds of being political refugees seeking political asylum,

Thus Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal and Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh had very valid reasons for not being able to attend the trial in New Jersey. If the World Sikh News was going to mention that these two leaders and some other leaders were not present at the trial, they should also have ment1oned why they were not present, or better still the World Sikh News could have avoided the whole. Issue since there was full presentation of our leaders.

In conclusion, we urge you to support all of our elected officials. Whether it be these two in this statement or any other leaders. Please present an unbiased view of each issue and give credit where it is due along with the criticism. If you can do this, it will bring the newspaper to a higher piece of journalism. This will also help unite the Sikh community and free the shackles of slavery forced upon us in Punjab.

Bhajan Singh Bhinder

And Others

Freemont, Ga.

Dear Editor

For several Weeks a wine conflict between Israeli army and Palestinians is going on in what is known as occupied Arab territories also commonly called Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank. I do not want to discuss the merits or demerits of the otherwise very serious issue. Arguments can be made on behalf of both the parties to the conflict. However, I do feel that it goes to the credit of Israeli government that as a fair minded country and in spite of the negative comments by the foreign governments they have still kept the doors of the country open for the foreign news media. The television has been bringing the pictures of this conflict into every home outside of Israel. Based upon this free reporting, people have been forming their opinions about the actual situation in the Middle East.

Unfortunately a similar conflict has been taking place in Punjab which is also now an occupied territory. A fascist regime is trying to govern an occupied territory with the help of security forces by then the regular police, border security force, home guards, or even the army. This has been going on for over three and a half years. But the fascist Hindu government of India has closed this occupied territory to the free press of the world. No foreign reporter has been allowed to visit Punjab till this time. Whatever news comes out of Punjab for the outside free world is what is funneled out by the fascist regime. The outside world is left! to form its own judgment about the real situation in Punjab from their biased and tutored reports, That is why almost every Sikh in any comer of the world is viewed as a “terrorist”. Through the esteemed columns of your paper, I shall plead to the free nations of the world community to demand the access of the news media to the occupied territory of Punjab so that we can all come to know what is happening to the Sikhs in Punjab.

Amarjit Singh Buttar

Vernon, Ct.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 26, 1988