Dear Sir,

Knowing what we all know, it is very unfair to report to your readers the results of an unconstitutional election which took place on June 23, 1985.

The following reasons clearly indicate that once again we have failed to follow any system:

1) Nomination forms of some candidates were not submitted on time. It would not surprise me in case some of the nominations were never proposed and accepted.

2) Elections were not held at the predetermined time.

3) Pursuant to the procedure followed by the election officer and/or his representative the so called election can be best described as appointments to the national council.

In the end it makes me wonder what kind of leadership can ‘the SANGAT or public at large expect from the people responsible fox the above mentioned gross mismanagement.


Very truly yours,

 Lakhmir S. Grewal

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 12, 1985