Dear Sir,

I like the contents of your newspaper in particular the Editorials which I read all over again on my return to this place.

They are very informative and keep one abreast of what is happening to the Sikh community in Punjab. I congratulate you on the hard labor which you are putting in its get-up and the contents.

You have introduced ‘News in Brief’ April 5, Pg. 12. This is a good addition.

It seems to me that the Congress has no roots amongst the Sikhs. After the operation ‘Blue Star’ the Akalis have lost all credibility amongst the Sikh masses and the activists are hounded by police and army. Whom should the Government talk to, to solve the Punjab problem?


(Balwant Singh Buttar)

(Government can continue with its favorite pastime of enacting dramatic monologues. Editor).

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 26, 1985