Dear Sir,

The involvement of youth in shaping the destiny of the Sikh Nation is essential, however the youth must learn to work within the framework of the organization, show respect to its leaders and respond in a constructive manner to accomplish the objectives facing the Sikhs.

Recent distracting behavior displayed by some of the youth members at the WSO meeting in Los Angeles convinces me that there is an Indian Government supported element which has in filtered the youth organization with the sole purpose to undermine the efforts of the community to unite. Some of these individuals are responsible for malicious character assassination and spreading false rumors. There are also some opportunists who are incapable of contributing positively and are simply trying to gain recognition.

The youth who are the future leaders of the Sikh Nation must be observant of troublemakers or they will constantly be misled by opportunists. It is important that the youth master the skills to be effective leaders and prepare themself to take charge of the Sikh cause. Youth must show discipline and an attitude to learn, as by throwing mud at each other we will not get anywhere.


Yours Sincerely

 Kuldip Singh

1542 Dina Ct.

San Jose, CA 95121

Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985