Dear Editor:

From news reaching here through unofficial sources, it is learnt that the Govt. of India has completed the task of depriving the Sikhs of all kinds of weapons for self-defense, in Punjab and has armed the Hindus with all sorts of arms including firearms.

The intention behind all this seems that the govt. is yet planning to order another mass genocide of the Sikhs and we are therefore warning all Sikhs and their feuding leaders to be on the guard and not get caught napping as in November last.

From all such indications the present attitude of the govt. is abundantly clear and no Sikh should get trapped in the booby traps, the govt. is likely to throw to us.

Events that followed Indira Gandhi’s removal from the earth clearly indicate that the only way to deal with the totally perverted Hindu masses in India is to remain prepared, at all times to meet the worst. One and the only one key for this is to strengthen UNITY amongst over selves and put a complete stop to all sorts of bickering and destructive criticism of one another. I would ask every Sikh today, in the name of Guru Gobind Singh to enroll him/herself as a member of the WORLD SIKH ORGANIZATION without a question, and without any type of forebodings. Any Sikh, man or woman, who cannot put in $100 for the sake of the community, has hardly any right to be called a Sikh, much less a follower of the great Guru Gobind Singh. Remember —this great organization (World Sikh Organization) is going to deliver the goods. Become a member and forget the 100 dollars right away. This is the least thing that can be expected from a Sikh when the entire community is passing thought the gravest crisis of its existence. Don’t lose even a moment to become a member after reading this appeal.


Major Singh

Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985