Dear Editor,

I would like to share with your readers the letter that I wrote to the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Please oblige by publishing it.

Dear Mr. Gandhi:


I heard the news of the demolition of historical and other buildings in the radius of 100 metres around the Golden Temple Complex, just this morning (The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as a protective measure that Sikhs will not use their shrines and worship places as fortresses; OR to provide your troops with open and unhindered field of fire so they could be more brutal and lethal in their use of force against innocent Sikhs. These measures may please you, your cabinet colleagues, and the Hindu population of your country, along with the ‘bigots’ of the so-called largest democracy of the world.

On the first anniversary of the undeclared war by the Government of India on the Golden Temple Complex and 39 other places of worship (Gurdwaras) in Punjab, I strongly believe that no one else but the Indian government brought the Air India flight 182 down (Toronto London Delhi). Why? Only to arouse the strongest posGeneral Shubheg Singh and other Sikh Generals, will keep on inducting a new life and energy in the Sikh community till the truth prevails.

Ahmed Shah Abdali of Afghanistan tried to wipe them out and so did the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, but both failed. Your predecessor tried her best to humiliate them in June 1984 and lost more than 950 professional army personnel, but still did not succeed. Now you are on her footsteps. Let us see how far you will go.

Your predecessor drove the first nail in the coffin, in June 1984, and your every action of humiliation drives one more nail in the very coffin of your Hindu but disguised as democratic empire. Only time will tell who succeeds.

You have yet to answer my previous letters.


, Awatar Singh Sekhon, Ph.D., LD.F.LB.A.

Dear Editor,

Sikhism is great not by the number of its adherants but by its ideals and institutions. Recently, while reading a small publication about historical Sikh shrines in Delhi. I learnt this when late President Abdul Gamel Nasser of Egypt visited the Golden Temple of Amritsar, he was so deeply impressed by the unique sight of Kashmiri Muslims, Tibetan Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs, the rich and) the poor with tattered clothes sitting as equals in the Hall of Guru Ram Dass Langar, that he and his party left all the money they cartied as donation for the Guru’s free kitchen.

I thought I share this with the readers of World Sikh News.

Amarjit Singh Vernon, CT.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 19, 1988