Dear Editor:

Hereby we want to request and appeal the Sikh community and Sikh organizations to help Mr. Jasbir Singh Bajwa. This Youngman has been held in U.S. prisons for about thirty months on some Immigration charges. He was an active member of Sikh Student Federation in India and has been so many times tortured and jailed by the Indian police because of his activities. Now United States Immigration does not want to release him, while Indian government wants him real bad. F Even though some kind friends have been helping Mr. Bajwa but that help is not enough to get him released in this country. His only hope is if Sikh community signs a petition for him and requests US.

Immigration department not to deport Mr. Bajwa and to give him political asylum in the United States.

Bajwa wrote to us that the Sikh community in U.S.A. does not have time to sign a petition for him. This is really disappointing. Signing a petition at local gurdwara won’t hurt much to save someone’s life. There are about 10 national level Sikh organizations which claim to represent the Sikh community. We would request them to please pay some serious attention to Mr. Bajwa’s case. For further information, S. Bajwa and be contacted at Immigration Prison, P.O. Box 1000 Loredo, Texas

Dr. Gurpartap S. Birk Sukhvinder Singh Virinder Singh Jasbir Singh Federal Prison, Talladega (Alabama)

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 10, 1987