Dear Editor:

Mrs. Satnam Kaur Khalsa’s reply to Sukhbir Singh’s article “Meat Eating and the Sikhs” brought out a very important point for all Sikhs, especially for us of Punjabi origin. In spite of all the uphill battles, the Sikhs are facing, we still divide ourselves into Jats, Ramearhias, no vegetarians, vegetarians, yoga practicing, no yoga practicing, etc.

Let’s put aside these petty, narrow minded, bigoted and self destructive differences and work for the common goal, For starters, the WSN should not publish matrimonial ads which use words like Jat, Ramgarhia, etc. To me, these are painful reminders of our Hindu domination. Secondly, I wish there is more interaction between “American Sikhs” and “Punjabi Sikhs”, Both have a lot to give to each other. The “Punjabi Sikhs” should try to bring the “American Sikhs” into the main stream Sikh politics, Some people, I was told accused the “American Sikhs” of ‘being Hindu oriented because they practiced yoga. This is the most absurd accusation one Sikh can throw at another. I am sure that the “American Sikhs” are equally pained, if not more than the “Punjabi Sikhs”, when they hear of Sikhs being killed and Gurdwaras being destroyed in India. And besides yoga is just a form of exercise to keep one self fit and has nothing to do with one’s religion. As for the “American Sikhs”, they can help the “Punjabi Sikhs” to assimilate into the mainstream American culture without losing their religious identity. The “American Sikhs” by force of their electoral voice can also make the American politicians more aware and sympathetic towards the Sikh cause,

So I beseach my Sikh brothers and sisters, let’s put aside our differences and work for the glory of the Sikh Panth.

Mankanwal Singh

 Richmond Hill, Queens

Dear Editor:

It would be appreciated if you could print the following information in the next available issue of World Sikh News.

The Sikh Community of DalJas/Fort worth is holding a family camp at Lake Murray in Oklahoma. The Camp will be from July 15 thru July 17, 1988 and activities will include Shabad Kirtans, sports, picnics, etc. Further details may be obtained by calling Rajinder Singh on (214) 4871824.

Harbhajan Singh Richardson, Texas

Article extracted from this publication >> July 15, 1988