Dear Editor:

I read many good articles in your esteem magazine and I think World Sikh News is doing a 00d job in espousing Sikh cause. But I was disturbed by a recent letter in WS.N. (12-4-8-7), by Gurbhajan Singh Gill, General Secretary of Sikh Vichar Manch, addressed to Prof. Darshan Singh and Ujjagar Singh Sekhwan. Language of the letter was in bad taste and certain contents of the letter were not true to the best of my knowledge.

I know our leaders have let us down in the past and now we do not trust anybody and condition is such that everybody is suspicious of the other and our nation is rudderless. Government of India has successfully injected their agent in freedom fighters and other Sikh organizations. Akalis and other Sikh leaders and intellectuals are either bought or afraid. We ourselves are victims of propaganda of the Indian government and we knowingly or unknowingly call others traitors, even when the other has difference of opinion or his method of solving the problem is different from us. Government must be gleaming with joy at the situation we are in.

Can we follow some one? Can we have trustworthy leader or trustworthy organization whom everyone should look at and follow, even when they are less than perfect? That is the question? If we cannot, then we are doomed.

My suggestion is, let us follow the Panthic Committee and the Khalistan Council formed by them,

We should refrain from using words like Bhapa and Bhatra (refer to the letter by Gurbhajan Singh Gill). We Sikhs should be casteless. If Mr. Gurbhajan Singh Gill does not like Brahmanwad, then he should cut Gill from his name, because that is given to us by Brahmanwad. Our last name “Singh” is given to us by Deshmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh Ji and our first name is given to us by Guru Granth Sahib and the Sangat present at that time. Other last names are the product of Brahmanwad. So before condemning others with Brahmanwad, we should correct ourselves.

Ajit Singh Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Editor:

Mr. Gian Singh Sandhu, PresidentWorld Sikh Organization (Canada), Manohar Singh Gewal, PresidentWorld Sikh Organization (U.S.A.) and several other persons have strongly reacted to the report published from Mr. Aytar Singh Malhotra, C.P.L leader, regarding W.S.O. and condemned it as mischievous in no uncertain terms,

Below is reproduced a copy of a letter from Mr. Balwant Singh Buttar, published in the Tribune, Chandigarh, Dec. 7, 1987, for the information of the readers of W.S.N. which speaks for itself.


I was extremely surprised to read a report emanating from Mr. Avtar Singh Malhotra published in The Tribune of November 13. It said that the World Sikh Organization is a “center abroad for terrorism and also a body for mobilizing support in the western countries and for recruiting terrorists from the Sikh residents there”. It also mentioned that “the ramifications of the terrorist organizations, their command center, the huge resources at their disposal and the powerful imperialist circles standing behind them should make it clear that “Khalistani” terrorism is not just a law and order problem”.

 This is absolutely incorrect.

The objective of the World Sikh Organization according to its constitution is “to strive through peaceful means, for the establishment of a Sikh nation, Khalistan, in order to protect the Sikh identity and faith as ordained by the Guru Panth in the daily prayer “Raj Karega Khalsa (article 20.2)”. The W.S.O. does not believe in terrorism. This has been proclaimed in its literature distributed in this country and abroad.

 Balwant Singh Buttar Vernon, Canada

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988