It seems that since Mrs. Gandhi’s death, a lot of people have protested this ‘‘terroristic’’ and “senseless” act. There have been many deaths carried out by Mrs. Gandhi and her loyal subjects. There have been a lot of documented and corroborated atrocities committed by her and her colleagues — especially against the Sikhs.

She and her people worked very diligently to insult and offend the Sikh community. The Indian Government first provoked, and then eliminated thousands of people in the name of power. They deliberately lied about who and what we are and what we believe in: They destroyed the sanctity of our places of worship, they destroyed our historical relics, they insulted and burnt copies of our Scriptures; they killed our fathers and brothers in cold blood, they violated our sisters and daughters, and they looted our treasures.

During ‘‘Operation Bluefish” (the name of the latest planned massacre of Sikhs), according to our sources, 8,000 Sikhs died in Delhi alone. Although the Indian Government only admits 2,000 dead nationwide, our figures are closer to 35,000. For example, while the Indian Government places the death toll in Madhya Pardesh at around 70, our figures (based on the accounts of next of kin) place the dead in Jabalpur alone at over 700. An estimated 25,000 women have been widowed in the past 6 months (during “‘Operation Bluestar, Phases I and II’’) and there are no records of the number of rapes of our daughters, although there are 1500 young women that are missing.

What seems “‘senseless” to me is how this can come to pass and no one cries in outrage for us. Practicing of our faith has been declared a militant and offensive, terroristic act, and we must break our vows to our Lord to save the lives of our elderly, and our young. Why?

We are the people who sacrificed the most lives for the Independence of India, we are the people who gave up our farms, our homes, and our Capital (Lahore) to provide a free nation for our Moslem neighbors, and we are the ones who, almost 40 years later, see no hope of ever enjoying the same freedom.

We are the people who have been cited for outstanding valor in championing the cause of Democracy and Freedom. We have even defended the Hindus a countless number of times in recorded history. Most recently, the Akali Party condemned Mrs. Gandhi’s actions during the “Emergency” of 19751977, although the Sikhs were not directly affected by those atrocities. In fact, even today, while all Sikh boys and men aged 15 to 35 have been taken away by the Indian Army, the Sikhs in the villages of Punjab are still protecting their Hindu neighbors. (Not because of any duty to protect Hindus, but rather, a duty to God to uphold freedom and justice). What is senseless is how any people can justify mass genocide by torture to preserve their ill earned political power.


Hardip Singh


Article extracted from this publication >> January 11 1985