Dear Editor:

This is in response to your appeal made on the New Year (1988) to promote the sale of the World Sikh News.

World Sikh News publication is the only mouth piece of the Sikhs at the international level at this Critical juncture of Sikh nation when its very existence is threatened. We, Sikhs of Australia, highly commend and appreciate your efforts in upholding the cause of the freedom of our nation. Your Editorial “The Gimmicks of Akalis” was a masterpiece about the true picture of the prevailing situation of the Sikhs and a balanced judgment on the direction that the Sikh leaders should take to resolve the crisis of trust among themselves. World Sikh News has been serving the Sikh cause so diligently, honestly and relentlessly and words fail me to express my deep appreciation of your management and especially you’re Editorial staff, particularly Prof. M.S. Sidhu and S. Gurdial Singh. We, the Sikhs of Australia, pray to Sat Guru to bless you with unbounded strength and vision to give the Nation an intellectual lead to carry on the crusade of freedom for the Sikhs.

A number of Sikhs are keen to be regular subscribers of your highly esteemed publication. Therefore, I would request you to urgently (top priority) supply me with the following information.

  1. Yearly/half yearly contribution in Australian dollars including postage to Australia by Air Mail.
  2. Alternatively a packet of nearly 20 newspapers by Air Mail in Australian currency which we can distribute by post to everyone.

I close this letter by congratulating you for the priceless contribution of your publication to the Sikh Nation’s cause.

Udham Singh Singhota Australia

Article extracted from this publication >> January 29, 1988