Dear Editor;

A course in Sikh history and Sikh religion was offered in Chicago through a city college of Chicago during the summer term of 1988. The course carried three semester hours of college credit applicable toward the degree requirements of any recognized college. 19 Sikh youth and 10 non Sikhs were enrolled in the course. The course was divided into seven segments. The following guest lecturers taught the course:

Dr. Gurmeet K. Dhaliwal Chicago

Lecture: Origin and Brief History of Sikhism

Dr. Pritam Singh Chicago

Lecture: Fundamentals of Sikhism:

  1. Gurinder Singh New York

Lecture; the Guru Period

Dr. Balwant Singh Philadelphia

Lecture: Post Guru Period to 1849

Dr. Ranbir S. Sandhu Columbus, Ohio

Lecture: Sikh Scriptures

Dr. Iqbal Singh Durham, No1th Carolina

Lecture: From British Rule in India to the Present

Each guest lecturer brought a written outline of the lecture and each lecture was videotaped. We have a very positive feedback from the students, Students were pleased with the course contents and the caliber of the lecturers. We hope to produce a booklet based on the lectures and edit the tapes. When completed, the material should be available for home viewing ‘or group use in classrooms or at camps or for Sunday schools.

Mr. Robert Engler was the coordinating Professor for the course. Interested parties may contact him at Richard J. Daley College, 7500 S. Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL 60652 or call 7353000, ext. 482.

We wish to thank all the lecturers for their selfless service to Sikhism. Their commitment, dedication and free service are commendable. We wish to thank SRS and S. Harjit Singh, President, and other board members for their backing in completing this project.

We hope Sikhs in other areas will try offering such classes for their youth. We extend an offer to help.

Dr. Balwant S. Hansra (Coordinator of the Project)

Article extracted from this publication >> September 16, 1988