Dear Editor:

 I found the reading of Mr. HPS. Up pal’s letter “Overseas Leaders” (LA. Dec. 26) rather amusing. It appears to me that he is speaking the language of the Government of India’s Publicity Division, for there is nothing new which we have not heard before.

The first paragraph of his letter is contradictory. The Dharam Yudh was started by Sant Harchand Singh Longowal (who at that time was dubbed antinational and upon signing the accord and after his death suddenly became a national hero). It was not started’ by Khalistan leaders. In fact, no Sikh leader including Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale demanded’ Khalistan. The foundation stone for Khalistan was laid by Mrs. Gandhi’s Operation Blue Star in 1984.

In the second para, the writer says “Self-styled leaders of Khalistan have destroyed the reputation of Sikhs”. Nothing can be further from the truth. Who knows not the real villain in this sinister game? Ask any one in India including leaders of the Opposition, veteran journalists like Kuldip Nayar, Khushwant Singh or the intelligent persons abroad, they will all chant in a chorus, Indira Gandhi. With 1985 elections looming over the Indian political horizon, to capture the Hindu vote bank she resorted to this dirty game of putting one community against the other. She staged the September 1983 Dhilwan, Distr. Kapurthala, bus episode (in which six persons were killed) to dismiss the State government and, therefore, started maligning the entire Sikh community. Repeated demands of Judicial inquiry by Sant Jarnail Singh into this episode were conveniently ignored by her for fear of being exposed by the judiciary at the bar of public opinion.

Mr. Uppal called Dr. Grewal as a self-styled leader. I would like Mr. Uppal to know that Dr. Grewal was elected President of W.S.O. by a procedure contained in its constitution and approved by the rank and file.

Mr. Uppal lastly portrays overseas proKalistan leaders as the root cause of the problem in Punjab. The writer is guilty of spreading misinformation about W.S.O. leadership. I dare him to produce a single statement wherein any W.S.O. leader, let alone Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal, ever have advocated or encouraged what is presently going on in Punjab.

The response to Mr. Uppal’s last paragraph was coincidentally provided by Mr. Madhuker Kamble’s letter which appeared in the same issue. Who is telling the truth? I leave it to the judgment of the readers.

Amarjit Singh Buttar Vernon, Connecticut

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 23, 1987