Dear Editor,

The widely read political commentator Khushwant Singh wrote in the “Tragedy of Punjab, “they (Sikhs) should have known that the only hope of their regaining political power was through some sort of alliance with either the congress or one of the opposition parties” (p. 12).

In the elections just concluded, the Akalis are reported to have captured 74 seats with the largest majority and captured power. The illustrious commentator has either been proved wrong or it has been a fraud perpetrated on the State with a rigged election by the Centre. In any case it ig a house built on sand and it is extremely doubtful if it would last long.

Perhaps the authors of the “Tragedy of Punjab” are right that it is a moot point whether the tragedy of Punjab has run its full course.



Balwant Singh Buttar

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 18, 1985