Dear Editor:

The highly disgraceful and sensational disclosure that the Prosecutor “Judy Russell”, the author of the Terrorist Letters, making the terrorist threats, during the “extradition hearings” of Ranjit Singh Gill and Sukhminder Singh Sandhu, is not only a many dimensional conspiracy to tarnish the Sikhs all over the world, but has greatly discredited the fair name of American Judiciary by trying to prejudice the “Judgment”.

You do not have to be a genius to understand the sordid drama having been enacted at the behest of the interested government, The least what the World Sikh Organization should, immediately, do is to sue the prosecutor for $2 billion for defaming the entire Sikh nation, by her unethical conduct. This will, at least, speedily unearth the malicious conspiracy and unmask the Indian “Democracy”.

Narendra Singh Aurora, Colorado

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988