1. Non-Alignment

Will you clarify the policy of NONALIGNMENT as propounded by your progenitors and now parroted by you. This is viewed as a hoax in the free world from the way it is practiced by India. India’s total alignment with the totalitarian countries renders this so-called Non-Alignment policy absurd.

  1. Interference in Internal Affairs of countries

What is your definition of ‘Internal Affairs’ in the context to the following:

(a) Is Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Russia’s ‘INTERNAL AFFAIR’ as you recently said in Moscow.

(b) When India attacked East Bengal and dismembered Pakistan by creating a new country Bangladesh, was it India’s ‘Internal Affair’?

(c) Is the training and arming of Tamil Gorillas by India to fight against the Sri Lankan government India’s ‘Internal Affair’? Especially when India is very allergic to Pakistan’s

Alleged training of the Sikhs struggling for their rights in India.

  1. Nuclear Arms and Peace

India along with its trusted ally Russia poses to be the champions of peace by stopping nuclear arms production (your recent statement in Moscow).

(a) Does India hold monopoly in devising and developing nuclear arms in South Asia? and cannot tolerate Pakistan strengthening its defenses against

India. You want India to go ahead with the production of nuclear weapons and let Pakistan stay at India’s mercy?

4, Violence and terrorism

What is your definition of violence and terrorism?

Sikhs in this country feel that:

(1) Their community in India is being terrorized and subjected to unprecedented violence, torture and brutal genocide for over two years now and strangely enough, the government is using all its propaganda machinery to malign the Sikhs as terrorists and separatists.

(2) How do you differentiate between a state-run terrorism against its own people and those people acting 1n retaliation?

(3) The Sikhs in this country feel that the government of India not only totally failed to protect the life and property of the Sikhs, but also it is carrying on state organized systematic mass genocide of the Sikhs and that the government of India has no more confidence in the Sikhs. Is it not strange that the government is still forcing the Sikhs to stay in India. The government has virtually destroyed all Sikh places of worship?

  1. Human Rights

According to information available to us in these countries through the internationally accepted human rights organizations and agencies that India has surpassed all other countries of the world including the totalitarian countries in violation of Human Rights. If this is not correct why the foreign free media is banned entry into Punjab for the last one year now? Even some most responsible members of the governments of U.S.A. and U.K. were refused entry into Punjab to verify this?

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 21, 1985