GLEN ROCK, N.J.: Sikh leaders and delegates from various parts of the country attended the Panthic Reunification Rededication conference at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha here on May 7th, They pledged to help each other’s’ organizations to work towards the common goal of establishing Khalistan and not to criticize any leader or organization publicly.

Forty three delegates, including seven youths attended the conference and participated in seven of the workshops, each workshop group chose its own leader who reported their delegations to the General Assembly.

 The workshop on coordination and cooperation among existing Sikh organizations decided that all bodies would provide assistance to each other, that they would not criticize one another and would divide up the work in order to avoid repetition.

Dr. Manohar Singh Grewal, President, W.S.O., said that the group had decided that the Sikh Cultural Society would handle all the work regarding the cases of the youth. He said that a National Defense Council should be set up and in the mean while no one should issue any statements on the case except the lawyers handling the case. All suggestions and funds should be given to the body which has been handling the care i.e. The Sikh Cultural Society.

The workshop on “most effective (peaceful) strategy and plans for achievement of Khalistan evoked wide spread discussion and participation.

The role and effectiveness of various Sikh bodies engaged in these activities was deliberated and various apprehensions of the sadh’ sangat were aired.

It was pointed out that the government of India was engaged in a vicious and unrelenting propaganda to portray the Sikh struggle negatively. The committee stressed the need for countering such propaganda through a national’ newspaper like the World Sikh News and other media.

Ways to get more effective support from various Congressmen and Senators were also discussed. Ranbir S. Bhalla (NJ) was the group leader of the workshop.

Commenting on the need of a National Weekly Newspaper, Amarjit S. Buttar (Ct.) commented the role of the World Sikh News in presenting the news in its proper perspective. He expressed his hope to see the paper get not only a massive support but also a mass support, through more subscriptions and wider coverage. He asked all those present to show the paper to their friends and get more subscriptions for the paper. The work shop also recommended the Sikh broadcasting network whose first radio program is scheduled for May 8.

In the setting up of Sikh Credit Society, Jasbir Singh Sethi (TX) the group leader said that under revised rules a credit union would easily be established. He said one had recently been floated in Houston.

In the workshop on “setting up a Sikh Information Research Center” Dr. Satwant K. Dhamoon, the group leader listed the need for financial, and human resources and said she would prepare a working document in the next few months. Workshop on “Youth Oriented Programs” said that every youth should be helped by the religious body of his city in job placement, and in the case of recent immigrants in helping them: to adjust to the new country.

Surinder Pal Singh Kalra of Chicago, the group leader stressed the need for Sikh Youth Camps and providing counseling services to strengthen the natural inclination of Sikh youth in not taking to drugs.

Charan S. Kali, the group coordinator of Special Project, suggested exebitions, parades, cultural events and seminars should be held in various cities to help in dispensing of information on Sikhism,

He also stressed on the need for religious literature in English ~ which could be sent to various universities.

Amongst the delegates who attended the conference were Arvinder S. Mabal, Pritpal S. Khalsa, Ram Rashpal Singh, Satwant Singh Sadhar, and Tejinder S. Pashrisha and from New York were: Amarjeet S. Ahluwalia, Baldev Singh, Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Je Singh Mangat, Sat Tiyan Singh Khalsa, Ravinder S. Bhamra and Ujjagar Singh.

Harbhajan Singh Gill (Connecticut), Gajjan Singh, Amrik Singh, Kewal Singh, Ranbir Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Sukhbir Singh were among the youth representatives.

Daljit S. Jawa (Ks.), GS. Aulakh (D.C,), Dr. Manohar S. Grewal (MA), Man Paul Singh (MA). And Sukhminder Singh (Ca.) were also amongst the prominent people who attended the conference.

The conference had been organized by Daljit Singh Jawa, Amarjeet S. Ahluwalia, the management of Singh Sabha Gurdwara and the youth.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 13, 1988