Lalaji, with fresh lessons in judo, tried his trick on a Sardarji and knocked him down. While sitting on the chest of Sardarji, he was crying for help. A crowd gathered around them. One of them asked Lalaji why you are crying while Sardarji is smiling. Lalaji said, “You idiots don’t you know my predicament. Sardarji is going to get up and knock me down.” Lalaji came home late in the evening and asked his servant whether he watered the plants. The servant said, “Sir, it was raining all day.” Lalaji was angry and said: “You lazy fellow, what was the problem? You could take an umbrella while watering the plants.’

Saffron (Kesari) Colouri is Sikh Symbol of Sacrifice and defiance.

Wear Saffron turbans and head covers in all demonstrations.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 14, 1985