EVOLUTION OF IDEA: Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh period. TRIAL PERIOD: S. Gurbay Singh (BANDA BAHADUR) To Misal period. MODEL: Khalsa Raj (Maharahja Ranjit Singh & Descendents Period)

MODIFICATION: Kooka Movement, Singh Sabha, Gurdwara Movement, Babar Akali Movement, Punjabi Sub a Movement. Anandpur Sahib Mata.

FOUNDATION: Attack on Darbar Sahib, 38 other Gurdwaras, Sikh identity, relics, historical, cultural and economic resources.

FOUNDATION MATERIAL: Blood of men, women & children.

1CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: Brave Sikh youths blood and wisdom of the chosen old. a

MAIN FEATURES: 4 doors in all directions based on Darbar Sahib model; open equally to all from all parts of the universe (His creation)


It is now time to start working on the preamble of the constitution. Following are humble suggestions to the citizens of Khalistan from their brothers and sisters living in foreign soils.


GUIDING LIGHT: Guru Granth Sahib

POLICY based on Sikh Guru’s Teachings. Equal opportunities to all in day to day life. (Social economic cultural religious and education. Guaranteed protection of basic human rights for all

POLITICAL SYSTEM: Democratic type. One man one vote, political system similar to American system right to recall an elected official strong checks and balances in executive legislative and judicial wings center-state relation similar to American system executive officials to be picked up from expertise not necessarily from the legislature but to be confirmed by Senate. Head and vice head to be a Gur Sikh

ECONOMICS: Every person living in the country has right to work. 100% employment goal, free enterprise system duty of government to provide equal opportunities to rural and urban population in all spheres of life Government to spend more in rural areas till standard of living in rural areas is at par with urban areas in a time frame of 10 years.

EDUCATION HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES: Free education up to university level. Free medical and health and social services by government.

HUMAN RIGHTS: Every citizen to enjoy equal rights in all fields. No discrimination based on sex, religion race color and caste. No special rights and opportunities based on caste religion sex or nationality special privileges to individuals based on economic conditions only.

FAMILY LIFE: Stress will be on unified family system all efforts to keep family united. Divorces and separation and splitting up of family to be discouraged daughters in law to have equal rights only in the in-laws family.

RELIGION AND MINORITIES: Freedom of worship to all citizens Sikhism to be the state religion Government to guarantee freedom of all religious minorities.

FOREIGN POLICY; All nations big or small will be treated equally with welfare of man king and Khalistan in mind, Khalistan will try its best to protect rights of the Sikhs and its citizen living abroad. Internal and external policies of Khalistan will be watched by Sarbat Khalsa thru Akal Takht

PRESS: Media will be totally independent and responsible modeled on American system.

RELATIONSHIP OF KHALISTAN AND AKAL TAKHT: Sovereignty of Khalistan to stretch to the geographical limits of west of Jammu, cast of Pakistan south of Kashmir (part of J&K) and south to waters of Arabians sea. Sovereignty of Akal Takht to extend to each and every faithful Sikh living in this world. Akal Takht will monitor the Khalistan nation and will oversee all Sikhs as directed by the Sarbat Khalsa called to review the policies of the nation. Sarbat Khalsa will consist of Sikh Representatives from all parts of the world. Akal Takht will be run and managed independently like “Vatican’.

Humble suggestion by Jagjit Singh Boparai and Amrit Kaur Boparai


Tracy, CA

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 27, 1989