New Delhi__ Mrs. Ram Dulari Sinha, Minister of State (Home) informed the Parliament that 2700 were killed in various Indian towns as a reaction to Mrs. Indra Gandhi’s assassination. Earlier government had conceded only 1200 deaths. Actual number of Sikhs killed in the worst every communal genocide in history is put by reliable sources at 15,000. She also admitted that property worth over 14 million dollars had been looted and destroyed in towns other than Delhi. The damage to property in Delhi was being assessed.

Thousands of Sikhs sheltering in refugee camps have refused to go back to their homes as the perpetrators of inhuman crimes were still living in their neighborhood. Since most of the arrested culprits have been released on bail, the refugees do not feel secure even in the camps.

Curiously persons charged with murder, rape, arson and looting have been released on bail, whereas in Punjab, Sikhs are being arrested without any charges and refused bail. They are brutally tortured.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 25, 1985