The Hindu Government of India and the hoodlums have perpetrated so much atrocities on the Sikhs in India that the throat of the speaker gets choked with emotions and tears roll down the cheeks of the listeners. A visitor from India has given description of some events during the Sikh genocide after the demise of Indira Gandhi. The outlaws unleashed for killing Sikhs were guided by the government puppets and the neighboring Hindus helped them locate the Sikh houses if not already marked. In one case the Hindu playmates called the Sikh friends to come out of their houses with assurances that no harm would be done to them. But when they came out, the same bosom friends pounced upon them and killed them mercilessly. The victims ranged from 15 to 20 years in age one postgraduate student, the other a senior in college, and the third a high school kid. Teens is the phase of life when sincerity and true love are at the top of all human emotions, but the thirst for Sikh blood overpowered all human feelings. The unfortunate mother, later on, bowed before Guru Granth Sahib and requested for eternal bliss for her valiant sons. There are several other such instances. The tyrants were on rampage for full 100 hours undeterred and unhindered by any social or moral force. The mode of killing was to hit Sikhs with iron rods until they fell unconscious and then to set fire to their bodies after pouring kerosene oil or petrol. It is burning alive the most torturous way of killing. The number of killed Sikhs runs in several thousand in Delhi alone.

In Panjab too thousands of Sikhs were killed and thrown into the canal flowing through Haryana at the time of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa. During Golden Temple Massacre and in its aftermath again thousands of Sikhs were killed. Thousands of Sikh youngsters were arrested from villages and taken to unknown places. Their whereabouts are not known and no one has come back home.

The Sikh youth in the Army has been massacred. The Sikh Regiments have been disbanded and amalgamated with the other units. Thousands of Sikhs and their leaders have been put in jails.

Moreover, over two hundred Sikh temples have been burnt including the Holy Guru Granth Sahibs. Thousands of Sikhs have been forced to shave and cut their hair.

This all tells the Sikhs only one thing and that is “CONVERT TO HINDUISM OR FACE DEATH.” This is as clear as the day now. The no acceptance of Sikhs as a separate nation and the consideration of Sikhism a part of Hinduism lead to the same old motive of converting Sikhs to Hindus.

Now question arises what to do about it. What are the options open to the Sikhs? Let us look into the problem more critically. If the Sikhs opt to stay with the Hindus, they are bound to have different interactions with the Hindu society. Firstly, the Sikhs would be living as second class citizens because of the domination of the Hindu masses and their government. The new Sikh generation in its impressionable age would follow the Hindu ways of life more because the religion of the governing society always influences. The masses more favorably for its practicing and later on adoption on the slightest coercion. Secondly, the media propagating Hindu religion as it is doing since the inception of the Hindu Raj would naturally eclipse the Sikh faith. Finally, the privileges and facilities provided to the Hindus will be the forces of attraction for bringing Sikhs into the Hindu fold. To sum up, the net effect would be the wiping off of the Sikh religion.

The second option open to us is to struggle for Sovereign Sikh State, KHALISTAN, where the Sikhs would be free to Practice their religion. There would be no one to encroach upon their religious and economic rights. They won’t be slaves of the Hindus any more. As Guru Gobind Singh has said, “RAJ BINA NAHIN DHARAM CHALE HAI,” Sikhs will not be able to save their religion unless they secede from India and form their sovereign state.

The Sikhs are proud of their heritage and the Sikh history is full of their heroic deeds. They fought for the freedom of governing Hindus who have betrayed just after getting into power. There should be no doubt about the creation of Khalistan out of India. By killing thousands of Sikhs all over India the Hindu government has made it amply clear that Sikhism would be safe in Khalistan only. A sovereign Sikh state has formed already in the minds of Sikhs, only the boundaries remain to be demarcated. It is a matter of time only. By the grace of Almighty GOD, very soon Sikhs WILL SEE the Sovereign Sikh State on the map of the world.

A word of caution to the Sikhs about the QUISLINGS among them. They have their selfish ends more dear to them than the benefit of the nation. They sided with the Indira Government, to safeguard their selfish interests, against the Sikh nation. But very soon to their utter dismay they have found out that their own saviors are the ones who killed their brother Sikhs and burnt their properties. It is time they realize their mistakes and supported the Sikh nation. It cannot be assured more that the betrayers of the Sikh nation will be betrayers for the quislings too. It is advisable that the Sikhs outside Panjab come to Panjab and fight for the independence untidily. Rajiv Government has sent some quislings abroad to undermine the Sikh cause in different religious institutions. The Sikh nation should be aware of such people around them. It is time that the Sikhs understood the old colonial policy of “DIVIDE AND RULE” adopted by the present Hindu Government.


Article extracted from this publication >>  February 22, 1985