Khalistan House, London — Press Release

Political Affairs Committee of Khalistan Council, after two days serious discussion and deliberations, has come to a conclusion that the four years of hard and testing struggle of Sikh nation, has not gone in vain. The Sikh nation has won a battle but still has to fight the war. We have succeeded in defeating our enemy who wanted to exterminate us by sheer force and suppression. The central Hindu government has realized that only a policy of reconciliation and not of confrontation and intimidation can succeed as far as Sikh nation is concerned. The Sikh masses deserve congratulations for their steadfast stand against tyranny and once again they have created a landmark in the Sikh history. They have stood the hardest test and defeated the enemy who could not crush the spirit of the Sikh nation by using 200,000 army equipped with latest weapons. Amritsar and Delhi saw the worst form of cruelty and genocide at the hands of Hindu army poised to crush and to exterminate the Sikh nation. Sikhs had never experienced such brutal suppression in their whole history. It surpassed all precedents. It is not the end but beginning of the End. We have come nearer to our goal. We thank the Almighty God for all this.

The Khalistan Council urges the Sikh nation to mend their fences and prepare for the final assault. We should now close our ranks and pray to the Lord to give us courage, perseverance and resources to conduct our struggle to achieve our goal. We shall defeat our enemy. We shall not let our enemy play moderates versus extremists. Whole of the Sikh nation stands united. Every Sikh realizes that the only way of survival and emancipation of Sikh nation is by creating their own independent Homeland, the Khalistan. We have to adopt new tactics to match our cunning enemy and we are confident that we will be being-‘fooled and defeated once again. It can only be possible by having strong faith in Waheguru (Almighty God) and pursuing a policy of “neither I frighten anyone nor I am afraid of any one.”

Our message to new Akali Government of Punjab is that we shall wait and watch. We urge the Punjab Government to immediately:

1). Release all the young and old who were illegally detained by the congress rule under false cases, bogus encounters. Withdraw all the cases.

2). Hold enquiry into massacre of Golden Temple and compensate properly all those who suffered at the hands of the brutal Indian army during Punjab invasion.

3). Get all the Sikh soldiers released who mutinied after the massacre of Amritsar and invasion of Golden Temple. Rehabilitate and compensate them properly.

We warn the Akali Ministers that no corruption of any type will be tolerated by Sikh nation and anyone involved in the practices earning bad reputation to the Sikh nation will not be spared this time. Forget the past and start with a clean slate. Be honest and be seen as honest. Be just to everyone. Don’t be afraid of central government and take a strong stand against all the discriminatory policies of central Government pursued against Punjab in the past. The Khalistan Council is setting up a vigilant cell to monitor the activities of every minister of Government. The anticorruption, secret vigilance cell will be named “Guru’s Baz.” You will be watched by Guru’s Baz all the time. You will be rewarded for your good deeds and punished for your bad ones.


We urge Mr. Rajiv Gandhi the Prime Minister of India to immediately:

1). Stop all hostilities against Sikhs both inside and outside India. Release all the Sikh prisoners, both army men and civilians detained in the Indian jails under false pretexts.

2). Order enquiry into Amritsar-Delhi massacre. Punish all those responsible for the murders of innocent women, children and civilians.

3). Allow any Sikh to come to his home, without visa restrictions and make Amritsar Airport an International airport.

4) Put up a strong transmitter in Golden Temple Amritsar.

If your Government behaves humanely with the Sikh nation, we assure you, we shall reciprocate. We believe in justice and non-violence but we shall strongly react to injustice and state violence.

The Khalistan Council has convened a meeting of representatives of all Sikh organizations, committed to the cause of Khalistan, on 6th October 1985, Sunday, in South all to discuss the new situation and formulate the future line of action.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 11, 1985