London — July 2 the London based Jammt Kashmir Liberation Front has called upon all individuals and organizations, be living in human and humanitarian values, to up moral pressure on Indiar Prime Minister, Mr. Raji. Gandhi, to adopt a civilized attitude towards Kashmiri patriots whose only “crime” is that they want India to fulfill her nation ally and internationally made commitments or Kashmir.

In a memorandum to the Secretary-general of the U.N., OIC, Commonwealth International Commission on Human Rights, Arak League, Amnesty International, Islamic Council o! Europe, President U.N. Security Council and several other organizations the front said: “as the world knows, India continues forcibly occupying the bulk to Kashmir in utter disregard to her own nationally and internationally made pledges and commitments regarding conceding to 10 million Kashmira their inherent, inalienable and internationally recognized right of self-determination.

“Those Kashmiris who demand of Indian Government to honor her pledges are arrested subjected to most inhuman mental and physical tortures and kept under detention for long periods, often without trial. One of the most outstanding patriots of Kashmir, Mohammed Magbool Butt was hanged by Indian Government early last year after being kept in prison for over a decade.

“Today hundreds of Kashmiri patriots are languishing in prisons. Most of them, used to the most pleasant climate of Kashmir Valley, are sent to prisons in distant areas of tropical heat like the notorious prisons of Hiranagar, Jammu and Kathua where they are denied even hand fans to save themselves from killing heat. Their food is most unhygienic and poor.

“To add insult to their injuries, behavior of prison authorities is most insulting, humiliating and derogatory. Even doctors’ advice to provide detainees with proper medical treatment is ignored with the result that most of them are seriously ill, reduced to skeletons and cannot even be recognized. They include some boys of less than 16 years. This state of affairs has been reported by Kashmir Press calling upon the government to adopt a fair attitude towards the detainees” the memorandum stated.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985