By Amarjit Singh Buttar

IT has already been shown clearly that meat is very defective and inferior to the vegetables in all the essential principles of food.

‘Meat eaters run a great risk of contracting various diseases from animals such as Tape worms, tuberculosis, cholera typhoid and cancer and a host of others. The butchers buy cheap animals and feed and fatten them on coarse food and rubbish. Their flesh is thus not often full of numerous invisible diseases and germs. Eating of boiled ham, wild pork, sausages, roasted beef pie causes poisoning in our bodies.

Meat diet also leads to epilepsy, appendicitis, degeneration of heart and other diseases. It also spoils digestive apparatus because it changes the reaction of the saliva of the mouth from alkaline to acid and thus arrests the function of digestion.

Meat food contains the largest amount of uric acid poison. It is said uric acid is increases three times above the normal in flesh eaters. Fish, pork, beef steak and liver contain from 8.15 to 19.26 grains of uric acid per pound as against that of wheat bread, cabbage, cauliflower and rice and milk,

Sugar and not meat is the best energy producer and therefore the best strength giving of all foods. Rice, bread, ghee, butter, vegetable oil, and sugar mainly supply all energy for work. Fat gives about 2.7 times more heat than protein food.

The Sikhs and ‘the Gurkhas who must be called mostly vegetarians have shown better courage, perseverance and strength than some of their meat eating European comrades.

As regards the intellectual power, the great philosophers were all vegetarians and the majority of the brahmins who are a highly intellectual race, are still vegetarians. Issac Newton a vegetarian up to his death at age 83 gave continual propos of his intellectual vigour.

Meat makes the blood impure, reduces the power of the body to resist disease. Hence it is a general experience that vegetarians recover surgical operations better than meat eaters.

Meat reduces the vitality and therefore reduces longevity. In England, it is said; vegetarians get better life insurance rates than are allowed to meat eaters.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988