Would you start salivating with the mention of such foods as fried cactus caterpillar, stuffed calves eyes, fried cockroaches and baked bone marrow? Many of us may not, but few will definitely wait eagerly to taste them.

A book titled unmentionable cuisine, contains several references about such off beat dishes and also mentions the various ways to cook such exotic foods. A famous Bill Chapman of Augustas in Berkely, CA draws inspiration and cooks various rare cuisines mentioned in this book at least once a year.

This year at least 80 guests, ventured to try such rare foods as jellyfish salad, fried crickets, grilled guinea pig and turkey testicles; paying an average of $50.00 per head. Adventurists gave a standing ovation to the cooking staff after the final serve of whole stuffed frogs.


It is the cooking that makes the difference. Every digestible piece of meat can be cooked to match human taste. Chapman feels that if something is edible, there should be a way to prepare it. There is nothing indelicate or absurd.





Article extracted from this publication >>  December 27, 1985