NEW DELHE: Iran maintained their overwhelming ‘downs in the Asian Freestyle Wrestling Championships here. Seven gold medals in 10 weights indicate their authority.

Mongolia bagged two and South Korea the other gold.

Two silver and a bronze were India’s achievement.

Ombir Singh won the first silver. Jagdish the other while Subhash Verma fought well to gain the only bronze in 100 kg.

India collected 63 points to finish third over wall although in the medals tally they trailed North Korea who won one gold two silver and two bronze. This was Possible since India fielded wrestlers in all 10 weight divisions which earned them points for various positions.

Ombir was the only Indian who had a reasonable chance of winning a title. But he was hurt on the nose midway through his 48 kg bout against Nasser Zeined of Iran and his performance suffered. Ombir lost by a fall. He was silver medalist in the last Asian Games at Beijing. His Iranian opponent is rated eighth in the Olympics.

Jagdish of Punjab had absolutely no chance against reigning champion and leading world super heavy weight grappler Jagdish carried the battle the full distance and lost on points 11-1. The massive Suleimani has been having complete sway since 1985.

Jagdish was lucky in that the draw favored him and he entered the final after only one victory

Subhash was in good form unlike when he lost to Pakistan’s Mazid in sudden death. He showed alertness was swift and did not allow his Mongolian opponent to apply holds. Subhash won on points scoring four without giving away any.

Pakistan Abdul Mazid was no match for his Iranian rival in the title bout and conceded eight points without being able to score any. The 100 kg tile was bagged by Mohd Reza Topachi.

In 52 kg India’s Anil Kumar was in a race for the bronze but he lost on points to Mongolia’s Enkh Bayar.

The title in this weight was claimed by Iran’s Mohd Torkan holder and currently enjoying world ranking. He got the better of Korea’s Sol Chul on points.

The same was the fate of Ashok Kumar in the 57 kg fight. He lost on points to Karehame Rho of Japan by four points to three. Kim Young Sikh was the champion this weight beating Mongolia’s


Tarik akbar of Iran was a smooth 6-0 winner over Kim Yeon Man of South Korea in the 62kg. His brother also claimed a gold in the 68 kg when Ali Akbar outpointed Li Won Ql of Korea.

‘The only Iranian to lose a title battle was Amir Reza Kadeer who lost on points to Enh Bayar of Mongolia in 74 kg.

Rasool Khadem gave Iran another gold in the §2kg securing fall verdict against Tumenast of Mongolia.

Fall points position;1. Iran 91 Points; 2. Mongolia 75; 3. India 63; 4. Japan 54; 5. North Korea 44; 6 China 42; 7. South Koreas  39; 8 Chinese Taipei 30; 9. Sri Lanka 24; 10 Pakistan 9; 11. Afghanistan 6; Philippines 4.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 3, 1991