The Universal declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention of 1977 clearly spells out the limitations on the action of the belligerent parties such as: the civilian population will not be subjected to attack, dead will be honorably taken care of according to their religious rites, subjects will be treated humanely, no outrage upon personal dignity, no humiliating or degrading treatment. Unfortunately, the Government of India violated all the rules during the massacre at the Golden Temple and subsequent, unprecedented Sikh holocaust in 1984. The attack on the Golden Temple was a full scale invasion in which the Army and Air Force were deployed. Heavy mountain guns and tanks were used in a big way to kill little children, elderly folk’s and pilgrims. There was a complete black out in the Punjab. Foreign press reporters were banned. It was a barbaric act of family rule at the Golden Temple. The ruling party.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 15, 1985