SURREY,  B.C.: LS.Y.E. exposes Indian designs to crush Sikhs. A national meeting of the I.S.Y.F. being held this weekend in Montreal, especially is programmed to commemorate this shocking world event. This shall also stand out as the turning point in the Sikh political history in the contemporary world.

The cold blooded murder of throngs of defenseless, unarmed and innocent Sikh women, children, and men, many with their hands tied with their own clothing before being shot and killed, must stand in stark contrast to the hyperbolic statesmanship and stratagem of the same “mother India” this week attempting to send a private flotilla of “aid supplies” to the Tamils of a foreign land, Sri Lanka. Because there, you see, the “violation of the human rights” of the Tamils is “intolerable” for the Indian politician, although India literally wiped out the “human rights” of the Sikhs does not give a damn about it.

The “black laws” including arrest without warrant and detention without trial, and the army rule imposed upon the Punjab have taken a heavy toll of Sikhs lives and society. The new army action let loose upon Punjab goes on with unabated fury. There is no civil or democratic government in the Punjab. Sikh youth are evaporating in sham “encounters” with police and army.

And, thousands of Sikhs, from all walks of life, both big and small, have lost their lives, have been thrown in Indian prisons, have lost their all, because of the policies of the Indian state toward the Sikh people.

No solution is necessary, from the Indian point of view. The best solution is not to have any solution. This is the Indian strategy. In the meantime, internecine quarrels amongst Sikhs, disruption, subversion of their organization, are the top priorities of the Indian State. Joe Stalin could not have engineered a more successful strategy for the elimination of the Ukrainian peasantry!

The Indian state splurges well on foreign expenditures in its efforts through its missions and embassies abroad to brand the Sikhs as “TERRORISTS”.

Quite recently Canada must have watched this operation of the Indian state in action within Canada. Half dozen Indian diplomats in Canada were told to get out, which is an unprecedented occurrence between two members of the British Commonwealth. Yet its own sovereignty is obviously so prized that India felt uncomfortable in permitting very recently a Member of the Parliament from British Columbia to visit the Punjab capital, Chandigarh, so that he could see firsthand, while he was in India.

The International Sikh Youth Federation has been spearheading the political advance of Sikhs towards the ultimate goal of sovereignty.

The recent spurious “stopgaps” and “accords” have only illustrated to the Sikh Youth, and to the world, the dilatory tactics and the absurd mentality of the Hindu politicians. They do not want to address the question, and have never had the straightforwardness to consult with or negotiate with the SIKH YOUTH who have changed the politics of the Punjab. No solution can ever be found without the participation of the SIKH YOUTH.


The divisiveness of the Hindu politician is almost legendary. It created Pakistan. It created Bangladesh. It tabbed Nepal. It is threatening Sri Lanka’s integrity.

INDIA has emerged not only a ruthless barbarian at home, guided by its ally Russia, but obviously it is also the unmistakably aggressor to its neighbors in South Asia, as is evident from its postures towards Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China…

It is in this perspective that the INTERNATIONAL SIKH YOUTH FEDERATION would like to draw the attention of the World on this 3rd anniversary of the Indian army attack on the Sikh Golden Temple at Amritsar.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 19, 1987